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  1. Probably still dealing with back tightness, wanna get him better for the long haul. This first month is gonna be brutal for everyone in terms of days off and injuries.
  2. Not really. I read earlier today that he isn't running at full speed yet cause he's still got swelling in his leg. I'm gonna guess and say not this weekend and hope he improves to be activated next week.
  3. To be honest he's ok. A little dry sometimes. Was kind of awkward when it was him and Hawk in the booth. I am a cubs fan and prefer jim deshaies cause he keeps it a little more lively and has funny anecdotes.
  4. I don't think he's gonna be the same guy from a few years ago, but I think he'll be better than what he is doing. Half my team is on IL/covid IL, but I'm holding on to Kluber. I would say if he doesn't improve by the middle of May, then maybe it's time to cut bait.
  5. Unless you have a short bench I don't understand why you can't just pretend he is an IL stash for the rest of April, cause it's already been said many times in this thread that he stinks in April.
  6. Kung fu panda is becoming the mvp of pinch hitting.
  7. Worked wonders with McCullers, so I'll give it another shot with Paddack. Paddack, your butt stinks! I hope you choke.
  8. Didn't archer getting injured put an end to that? I could of sworn they would be double teaming starts with those split days.
  9. He actually pitched really good. I don't understand what he didn't like.
  10. Surprised he didn't have a thread, especially for people stashing him for later in the summer. What is his ETA? He only just started throwing from flat ground, no mound work yet.
  11. It's like space jam when all the pros lost their abilities
  12. See everyone is speculating... we don't know why they are out. Could be they were in close contact to someone that had covid, or maybe they got the vaccine and feel under the weather today.
  13. Larussa has to bench him tomorrow to get nick williams in though... or jake lamb
  14. Song of the night.Half my team is injured or on covid IL. My pitching has been complete trash too.
  15. Awesome, i have altuve and yordan and I am already short handed a few players
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