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  1. I would just chalk it up to the ebb and flow of the season.
  2. Vasgersian is annoying, I used to like him when he did Mlb Central but when he started doing the sunday night games for espn I find him unbearable.
  3. Me singing the dire straights song right now...I want my Klubot, I want my Klubot.
  4. He is upset he isn't a diamond rating on the show. Whatever that means haha
  5. Yeah I don't know what happened, seems like every AB I see is just weak contact
  6. mlb.com has an article stating that he has been dealing with back issues since the minors. Maybe it's a genetic issue. He's also kind of lankey. He should build up his core and glutes to help support is lower back.
  7. And he did that off the guy the sox traded some guy named Tatis Jr. for. Greatest Trade of all time.
  8. Oh wow, didn’t realize the rangers have a better record.
  9. Might of been a growing rift and the Yarbough thing was the last straw. I remember a few years ago Pujols didn't want trout stealing second while he was batting cause it distracted him. Could be them just sick up his behind antics that we don't know about.
  10. No, he was playing RF a lot to make way for Pujols. it just means he is now in his natural position everyday. so cool story indeed
  11. oh man, I wish I remembered the name of that Cuban guy. That was like 4-5 years ago. People here were pretty hyped for him.
  12. I remember at the time there were already whispers that Pujols was in decline
  13. Say hello to your everyday first baseman of the Angels now.
  14. Nasty Nate didn't have it today. 😒 And two dong day for alvarez.
  15. I believe they still have to pay him and then he could sign somewhere else and the other team doesn't have to pay his contract with the angels. but someone can correct me if I am wrong. I bet he signs a one day contract with the cardinals and retires that way.
  16. Posted a similar themed video the other day
  17. I know, it might go down as the worst contract in mlb history.
  18. I was just reading that. I know how he wants to play, but.... how can he be in a position now to basically demand that with his crappy play.
  19. I don't know, does she have a history of tweeting outlandish things?
  20. beat writer from la said this about pujols:
  21. Walsh, and to make room for marsh or adell. Kind of feel sorry for pujols going out like this, but he simply can't play anymore.
  22. Rotowire is saying tight hamstring.... I don’t know what that means long term
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