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  1. Pitching this week has been horrid! I think I am gonna step away and not look at my team until Sunday night.
  2. I am not answering for OP, but seems like it's a two man race in the NL for cy young between burnes and degrom.
  3. I am with you. I know people like to see pitchers get a knock, but how often does that really happen? Not to mention freak injuries that have happened to pitchers batting or running the bases.
  4. Bobo Chet took Kluber deep. Still holding Klubot and hoping for a May turnaround.
  5. He's got a five era right? I wouldn't, but crazy things have happened.
  6. you called it that he would get a hit today I think.
  7. Honestly don't put it past a baseball player to not to pay attention to details and he didn't even think about it at the time. I know people that got the Vaccine and they said their arm was hurting for a few days.
  8. Here I'll join you. I knew it was you McCullers that drank my almond milk! You know I am lactose intolerant! Suck it
  9. If you are in a one catcher league, and currently counting on Kirk, you may be the only team in the league with C issues. I dropped Kirk last week, but still watching his performance to pounce again and pick up again. I bet others can do the same, drop and play the waiting game to see how playing time and performance shake out.
  10. Am I the only one that chuckles a little bit when I see Semien's last name.
  11. Not a kirk owner at the moment, but really wanna see him get his knocks soon.
  12. The 162 game averages wasn't my thing. But still have his past seasons as proof that he can hit. Sure anything could nothing is out of the realm of possibilities. I could wake up tomorrow with my head sewn to my a** and I would be marginally surprised. Rides the wave now cause he is hot, and he has a proven track record of success can go by, he isn't just some slub that came out of no where.
  13. No Yelich again... Dude needs to get a massage stat.
  14. You insinuated that he could turn into a pumpkin at any moment. I don't see a team trading prospects for an aging catcher.
  15. It's not like he doesn't have a track record of good hitting. Obviously he won't be this hot forever, but still a very viable option at catcher.
  16. Swapped posey for ramos. Ramos has moved up to cleanup with miggy out. I guess they aren't afraid to DH him now too. That increases his value.
  17. 😬 I bet Yelich still has a good season. He's had back issues before. I'm sure he'll be up and going soon. (I am a yelich owner too). Just remember the season is still young. I try not to panic in April with guys struggling. Better times are ahead.
  18. I think that would do it, that's the vaccine that is leaving everyone feel like crap a day after.
  19. I wonder if he is hiding an injury. I watched the highlights of his first game and he was grimacing at times and then there was reports of him holding his throwing shoulder during the game. I am not too worried yet, but just wondering what is going on with him. Hopefully yesterday was just because of the vaccine. Maybe he received the shot in his throwing shoulder?
  20. Same for me. I'm treating him as a IL stash. Notoriously slow starter. Not expecting him to return to cy young form, but I think he's better than he is pitching the last two starts.
  21. Seems like he's given up walking though, he wants to salvage his career by just hitting the ball hard
  22. Yeah I am not really happy. I am of the philosophy not taking pitchers early in the draft. I thought I got a decent bargain taking him mid draft, and he's been disappointing so far. I am not considering dropping him yet. I'm planning on holding for a while with the hope he improves. I don't think he is this bad.
  23. Totally agree. Other than giolito and lynn, there isn’t a sure thing with health or performance in that rotation. I think they realistically wanna wait til later in the year to deploy him as a starter for their playoff run.
  24. I have him as just a pitcher in yahoo, kind of dead weight until he gets his blister thing under control. Wish I got his hitter clone as well.
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