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  1. Calf injuries are pretty tricky, he could be out for a while.
  2. Took alzolay out after just 63 pitches... so much for the quality start.
  3. yeah that's kind of weird he wasn't owned more, he also is sp/rp in yahoo!
  4. 60-70. He’s fading. Hasn’t had good numbers since 2019
  5. I am good, with those parts. Just my knees and butt hurt from taking the second dose of the vaccine
  6. I don't buy the home/away split with rockies hitters if they move to another team. I think he would play just fine away from coors. There is the Coors hangover effect that they get so used to playing in Denver. Yankee Stadium is basically built like a little league park, he would do great hitter there.
  7. There are rumors that the Yanks might try to trade for Story, which would move Torres to 2nd. I think that would improve his offense as he doesn't have to worry about playing Short anymore... possibly.
  8. He didn't have the flu, he tested positive for covid and is asymptomatic, and they said there is a possibility he could return this weekend if he has two negative tests in a row. He already had covid and was vaccinated and was one of the breakthrough cases on the yanks.
  9. Might be the spark that Dodgers and fantasy teams need atm.
  10. I'm hoping Mahle is decent in Colorado, might not have to face Blackmon and Tapia I think.
  11. He looks more like Harper, and that isn't a bad thing.
  12. He definitely doesn’t throw as hard anymore, if he is sitting 93-94, that will work
  13. He hasn’t looked good since 2019. I don’t know what is going on under the hood, but I am out. He just keeps getting beat every start
  14. I'm guessing early June, he's just starting his rehab
  15. Urias loves facing the Mariners, as much as the Germans love David Hasselhoff
  16. I am not a robot, I am just Yuli "but but 2019 was an outlier with the homers"... dude is having an even better season than two years ago.
  17. yup, my point was the rotowire blurb was wildly inaccurate.
  18. On my rotowire app it said Bellinger has yet to play this season due to a leg injury during spring training... am I taking crazy pills? Pretty sure he played the first two weeks of the season
  19. Not here to refute, but I let him go weeks ago and no one in my league has picked him up since. The talk of his velocity being up is great and dandy, but we're still not seeing it being translated to stats that are useful to fantasy owners yet. He's still a guy I think you can have on your watch list and pounce if you feel things are actually turning around cause most people have likely forgotten about him now.
  20. If this sticks with him not walking guys, I can live with him giving up the long ball. Will be less damaging since he won't have bases packed with people.
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