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  1. 1 hour ago, wily mo said:


    sure. but he may or may not have been today with one more lineup slot available. just putting that out there for people to be aware of in case today's non-start is pushing them to the breaking point on holding him and the info might change their thinking any



    Uh? People can make up their own mind. I'm just stating the facts, he's been benched recently even with a DH. I am not persuaded anyone to do anything. I didn't come in here saying its time to drop him or he sucks. I like Marwin a lot and I wish they would just make him a starter full time.

  2. 16 minutes ago, countseth said:

    Weekly leagues I'm mildly concerned.  


    Even one day of Cano would be better than 7 days of Aybar, but if he's out all week, I'll take some counting stats anywhere I can get them in a super deep league.  


    I live in Seattle and haven't heard anything about what's up with his quad.  Gotta think he plays today or tomorrow, right?


    I'm betting on it. They said he would be back soon, so we gotta take their word for it right?

  3. 5 minutes ago, StevieStats said:

    He's testing my patience with the lack of playing time this week (foot, PPD, bench), but I have him for now. 


    Same here, I don't know why he can't be the everyday in LF. Aoki and Mariscinick(I don't know how to spell his name) are better options?

    Thinking about holding on for a little longer to see how the playing time unfolds

  4. 8 minutes ago, Joesh said:

    I guess he could not have as good of conditioning skills from playing in the KBO vs MLB. Better sports trainers and training regimes in the MLB to get a person's body ready for 162 games. IDK how many games they play in Korea but I do know there are less teams, which probably means less travel. It's a lot easier to rest when you aren't travelling all the time


    Uh? The Brewers are up by 7 runs, teams sometimes pull some of their starters to get extra rest when up by a lot.

  5. 35 minutes ago, Cmilne23 said:

    I mean look at the level of talent he's hitting off of I don't think we can really down play that.  Christian Bergman?  He opened as Seattle's like 9th starter.  Ryan Weber?  Seattle's 10th starter.  These guys are terrible.  I get that most guys production comes off grocery baggers but he wasn't even putting up competitive at bats vs anyone with a pulse.  I have a hard time getting giddy with production off Bergman, Weber, DeJong and whoever else Seattle is throwing at people these days.  These guys are atrocious.


    I tend to agree with Cmilne a little bit. I need to see a little more to see he is back to normal against tougher competition. There was a stretch that he looked good again in the Yankees series and then after that fell back on to his face again and was striking out a lot again. I believe there was a golden sombrero thrown in there at one point. 

  6. 6 minutes ago, urban2014 said:

    Nothing against you, but thats the retort that's really popular here. As for Bautista, I am going to be patient with him, Chris Davis and Todd Fraizer, at least till I drop out of a playoff spot 


    The only one of those guys that isn't really doing all that badly is Chris Davis, his periphals are right around what are his career norms. The counting stats are lacking, but he will catch up eventually. I think bautista and frazier are lost causes.

  7. 12 minutes ago, SpecialFNK said:

    I don't know if it's been mentioned or even if there is an article to cover this. I saw something yesterday on MLB network. not only has Yonder increased his FB% but he changed when he picks up and puts his foot down. he used to pick up/put down his foot earlier in his swing, but now he's doing it later and is able to generate more power through his wing.


    Yeah he used to do this quick toe tap thingy which generated no power in the past. He's gone joey bats on us and adopted a leg kick.

  8. 59 minutes ago, ReyesMurphyWright said:

    The Rotoworld blurbs continue to depict Yonder as a guy who should be sold because he's never done anything like this before, without making any note of a change in his approach.


    That's why I like to get advice more from fangraphs than any fantasy website. All they do is look at past performance to predict future results.

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