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  1. 10 minutes ago, 89Topps said:

    I’m not trying to convince you to do anything. I’m saying he didn’t look very sharp to me. 9 base runners in 6.2.

    Like I said, a decent lineup would’ve eaten him up, IMO.

    He did pretty good against the twins the start before. I did not start him this week cause I had a feeling he wasn’t gonna do so well against the same team a faced a week ago

  2. Just now, 89Topps said:

    I’ll say his last start v Baltimore was not good. Mediocre line and watching, he didn’t look sharp.  I think any decent lineup would have shelled him.  Dude just has lousy command.

    Really though, cause the last time he faced the orioles he had a qs and 8 k’s, that plays well in my league. He’s not an ace yet but he’s better than this. Too early to drop in my book and you’re not gonna change my mind

  3. I'm gonna be the contrarian here and say you should be holding this guy. Before this last start he had two good starts in a row. Kind of early to just be dumping him, he has the stuff to pitch better than this. Kind of an overreaction in this thread to just outright drop him.

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  4. 24 minutes ago, hangin n wangin said:

    So...... is he good again? I’m going to drop dumb a** Corbin and keep Mr. Bum Bum around.

    I was hoping for someone to bump this thread, cause I am wondering the same thing. He's throwing a little bit harder now.

  5. Seems like jd has his best games when he is sick the day before. Had the cold symptons a few weeks ago and then hit three dongs the next day. He left the game yesterday cause of a migraine and they said he would be out and yet is in the lineup to hit two dongs.

  6. 3 minutes ago, murraygd13 said:

    This COVID list has kind of turned into give a guy a couple days rest IL list.  Guys moving on and off every couple days.

    Yeah how did they get away with it with Didi? he's obviously out cause of being hit by a pitch, unless the ball was laced with covid.

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