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  1. Pretty sure thats youre answer im having very premature flashbacks of mo Vaughn.
  2. cant decide if its time to drop......
  3. any reports on whether he returns this season or not?
  4. so after a couple months, what do people think? cheers!
  5. Wow Gwynn's numbers are beastly; he did that over 20 years too...in San Diego! It would be nice if Ichiro had been in the mlb for his earlier years, would love to be able to compare apples to apples. But it sure is hard to argue with gwynn's contact rate!
  6. Absolutely, tbh my personal metric for all time greats (whatever thats worth), is an all around talent, that was athletic, dynamic with a good baseball mind, can seriously hit and played excellent defense. Most importantly, they had to redefine a skillset. A guy like pujols (for example) would never be ahead of an ichiro type in my mind. Slow power hitters dont make the grade in my mind. Watching ichiro hit and basically place the ball where ever he felt; was like watching a golfer trying to pitch the ball onto the green. Absolutely remarkable to w
  7. regarding mussina, didnt he have a rep for being a huge prick behind the scenes. I vaguely remember the him have a toxic relationship with the media heads-- i wonder if its coming back to bite him now. Totally agree with the sentiment, Mussina is an easy hof'er, strange how he's been overlooked. ...without checking numbers, how far behind mike mussina would a guy like roy oswalt be on the pecking order? ... he seemed similarly underappreciated; although I doubt he had the counting stats....... fun convo, love hearing everyones opinions!
  8. ...seriously, real world, whose better? ...and if you say jeter or a rod I puke a little in my mouth. Guys like mantle maris DiMaggio Ruth and Cobb don't count, none of us have seen them play and it was obviously another era.
  9. Exactly and he still got to 3000 hits. easily the greatest hitter I have ever seen play the game. Exceptional at every aspect of the game, including being an exceptional team mate, leader, his situational awareness, best wrists I've ever seen, his d was perfect........ i don't want to get into an arguement over who is better at reading numbers off a spreadsheet, but taking into account the total package, find me a better all around talent in the history of the game? ....maybe Willy Mayes? also I missed miggy, he's a lo
  10. Killing time in a waiting room, thought I would make a list, but apparently you read my mind and beat me to it. only thing i would change is that utley is a sure fire hall of famer in the same class as Adrian belter (longevity). ichiro is probably the greatest player ever (not a fan boy). king Felix is probably a lock. scherzer reminds me too much of curt schilling (late bloomer who didn't have a long enough track record), with that said though, schilling is still going strong. cano is already a hall of famer in my books.
  11. Hallady is a class above those two. The only question is if he should have been a first balloter. Santana is borderline, I'll grant you that, but lincecum isn't even in the convo for the hall.
  12. When I first laid eyes on yelich I thought he had a ridiculously high ceiling; super athletic, massive frame and a nak for squaring up a ball. Only caveat he has has a bit of a flat swing that he'd need to redesign . fast forward 4 years, he has the exact same flat swing and looks like his ceiling is very hunter pence-esque. Still very good but unfortunately not the keeper league cornerstone I hoped for.
  13. I am starting both cmart and manaea. pray for mojo
  14. Can someone tell me I feel his gb to fb rates has improved. tis my expectation that he hits more fly balls and gives up some average this season before going full gorilla on the league next season.
  15. Always a player I have been very big on, I thought he would have really established himself by this point in his career. last I noticed he was hitting about a buck 88 and battling some nagging injuries.... fast forward a month and now this.... is it finally time?
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