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  1. 0.5 PPR - RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, Flex Should I trade CEH and one of Slayton/Alshon for Jonathan Taylor and Justin Jefferson? Leave a link and I’ll help!
  2. Reich: "Jonathan (Taylor) will step into the starting role... He's ready. Nyheim will still be a big part of the offense."
  3. Confirmed torn Achilles for Mack. Where do we rank JT now? Top 15?
  4. Confirmed torn Achilles, awful news for a player in a contract year. Hopefully he bounces back and lands somewhere next year.
  5. #Colts 1st Half RB Usage - Nyheim Hines, 54% snaps, 5 carries, 4 targets (2 TDs) - Marlon Mack, 31% snaps, 4 carries, 3 targets - Jonathan Taylor, 17% snaps, 1 carry, 1 target Colts 2nd half HB snap count Jonathan Taylor 21 Nyheim Hines 20
  6. 0.5 PPR who do you take ROS? Keenan Allen - OAK, KC, BYE, DEN, JAX, MIN, OAK, KC or Emmanuel Sanders - SEA, ARI, GB, BL, NO, ATL, LAR, SEA
  7. Week 13 vs NYG Week 14 vs Redskins Week 15 vs Cowboys That is all I care about.
  8. I would take Ingram and Devante Adams without a question - I expect Adams back this week.
  9. I think you win the trade in value but lose because you go from Engram to Herndon. I would pass unless you get a TE back.
  10. I was able to negotiate the choice of Lockett or Godwin in the offer. Zeke + Sanu for Chubb + Lockett/Godwin
  11. I would rush to accept this. We have seen Odell over 8 weeks and it is not good. I expect Devante back this week.
  12. Based on my roster below, should I trade Zeke + Sanu for Chubb + Lockett? QB - Carson Wentz QB - Drew Brees RB - Ezekiel Elliott RB - Le'Veon Bell WR - Michael Thomas WR - Keenan Allen WR - Hollywood Brown TE - Travis Kelce Flex - Marlon Mack DST - NE Patriots BN - Melvin Gordon BN - Kenny Stills BN - Mohamed Sanu BN - Jimmy Garappolo
  13. What trio do you take ROS? Zeke, Jimmy G and Mohamed Sanu or Josh Jacobs, Baker Mayfield and Robert Woods Leave a Link!
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