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  1. i was watching it live and thought Harper would choke and man he just killed that ball
  2. Bradley with the save seems locked in
  3. It’s Hansel Robles not victor I should have specified
  4. Got offered Trout and Robles for Turner and $15 draft money also got offered the same for Tatis and $10 turner is a $21 keeper next year, tatis is $9 now I know what you’re thinking—take trout and don’t look back however my OF is Betts, Harper, and Soto, with Aquino and Tauchman and Alvarez is trout too much to add to that? i can prolly get the draft cash back trading Betts in the offseason lemme know!!
  5. He might as well be, but I had to choose between him, Betts, and Harper. Wasn’t gonna sit Aquino, Tauchman or Alvarez with how hot they’d been
  6. i left Soto on the bench! still made out
  7. likewise. i bought **hard** into them coming into this season. finally reaping rewards!!
  8. let's go Castillo, Marquez, Lamet!!! and let's not forget Aristides Five-in-a-Row Aquino
  9. ask the bench coach but fwiw drop him and get vaughn
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