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  1. Damn, he didn't block it. Oh well. Still had 2 blocks in the game. His crappy lines are still pretty good (22 min, 4 pts, 2 ast, 1 stl, 2 blk, 0 TO). Hoping he can get back up to the 30 min range soon. C'mon Finch!!!
  2. Did this block ever end up counting? Why does this always happen...
  3. Always two weeks away from being two weeks away. An easy hold though if you have IL spots.
  4. This has happened way too many times this year! Blowouts. I've severely lowered my expectations for DA this year, and it's made it much easier to stomach his lines. Just pretend he's a low-end big man, and forget that you passed on Embiid to take him in the 2nd round. 🤢🤢🤢 I think it's only a matter of time before him and CP3 start to find their rhythm. I mean, it can't get any worse than this, right? At this point I'm just hoping he can get back to last year's block stats (1.5 BPG) and not kill my FT%. That's it.
  5. He's doing all we can hope for right now, which is ball the f*** out and force Spo's hand to play him good minutes even when the team is fully healthy. Dude is a difference maker for them out there. They need offense.
  6. He's a 20 year old rookie. I'm not worried about the per-36 stats of someone who's only appeared in 24 games. He's already at must-roster status in deep leagues (shallow leaguers shouldn't even be on this forum...) due to the 30+ minutes in B2B games and he's putting up 1.7 threes and 2.0 blocks over the last two weeks. Those are Brook Lopez stats. Plus you have the added long-term bonus of him being on the worst team in the NBA. He should see ample playing time ROS. Just preaching to the choir here.
  7. He looks way better out there. Pretty excited for him ROS if he can stay healthy, like avoiding thigh bruises.
  8. Definitely implementing this next year. I like the idea of 2 IL and 1 IL+. And agreed, it should include PPD. Why not?
  9. I'm not counting on them playing Wednesday either. Seems like a stretch.
  10. Don't respond to the troll man. I'm with you though. Nunn is light years better than MCW.
  11. Lol they're not going to change at all. They've been from NBC/Rotoworld the whole time. As the mod pointed out earlier in this thread, NBC bought RW in 2006. The Yahoo blurbs have been pulled directly from RW for many years now too.
  12. Literally nothing changed except the name and the color of the banners. RW was owned by NBC for years. Just a rebrand/rename. The new forum layout has been in place for a few months too, it's way better in terms of embedding GIFs/tweets/media and the design is tidier. Will miss the RW name tho.
  13. Big yikes. Tough to hold even in the deepest leagues these days.
  14. He should be safely in the rotation now with Avery Bradley out 3-4 weeks with a calf strain. Nunn with a 3-4 week showcase should be able to prove he's deserving of 20-25 mins a night ROS.
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