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  1. Trevor Rogers is an absolute stud
  2. Looks like the 2nd round price tag was worth it in the end because he's been amazing when it matters most, and will likely help me win a championship. ALWAYS DRAFT BIGS WITH GOOD FT%
  3. There are still like 21 weeks left in the season man.
  4. This Maeda start has been absolutely brutal to watch so far.
  5. Might be droppable if you've got the pitcher only version. He'll never hit the IL in real life for most pitching issues due to his batting. Double whammy.
  6. Agreed. I give all credit to our very own @brockpapersizer for this one as he was on top of it even before his preseason dominance. Dude looks incredible
  7. I'm glad Sporer was hyping him up so much this offseason as a 'discount Albies'. Made sure to target him heavily. Good way to get a piece of that STL lineup, and the playing time concerns are gone this year. He's definitely capable of getting to the 20/20 echelon with an .800+ OPS
  8. lol @ that being a "decent" line.
  9. Maybe in roto. In H2H the risk is worth it for a guy who was most people's first SP drafted (his Coors ERA is ~4.50 compared to a his career 3.03ish ERA... that's probably not going to kill you in H2H). Burned us today but his defense did him no favors, ran up his pinch count and he got eaten alive by singles. Now, for your mid-tier to back end SPs? Yeah, bench @Coors even in H2H.
  10. Dude's pitching into the 6th inning at Coors in start #1
  11. Officially no DH in NL this year. So are you guys liking Cronenworth anymore? Great statcast numbers and rebounded well from a couple slumps as a rookie. If he can still get near full-time PT I would be way more comfortable drafting him. But w/ most projections slating him in the 110 GP range he's pretty much WW fodder.
  12. [...] Expecting 10-14 SBs but based on the batted ball data he should be fine hitting wise. Hopefully the knee is totally good to go with a full off season.
  13. So glad I didn't drop him the last few days (came extremely close to it). He's got a legitimate shot to get pure garbage time usage at 30 MPG with a fresh start. I think Donovan killed his confidence this year and that's what sways his value. Now he should be playing with nothing to lose and a bigger chip on his shoulder. And if he still sucks in two weeks he's an easy drop.
  14. He's had like 12 straight usable lines. Great low end big man and should only get better ROS
  15. Wondering if it's even worth holding him on IR in deep leagues if you've got a spot open... four weeks from now puts you into the championship week in most leagues, maybe the semifinals. Anyone else holding?
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