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  1. Posted before the runs scored, obviously. Sox had 1 hit through 3..I think.. We really going to debate the lack of run support for Sale?
  2. Sad that's even a decision you have to make. Says alot about Eaton..
  3. I'm watching, just hoping. I look forward to losing the QS....
  4. Really impressed with Rodon today. Efficient, nice sequencing, had hitters off balance. Very encouraging. Now pull his a** to preserve the QS!
  5. If I bitch about the cards will they score a bunch also?!
  6. HA! This White Sox team should be sanctioned for being as terrible as they are. Tanking is one thing, this is a joke. I hope none of their players makes it.
  7. Nevermind, he’s getting shelled. No QS I suppose
  8. Weaver walks the pitcher. That’s it, he’s cut
  9. Sale just threw a 100mph fastball in the 7th.
  10. Really good. Efficient. Too bad he has no chance at a W with the comically bad team backing him
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