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  1. Thanks for response guys... but no Tyreek Hill does not have as much upside as Amari Cooper M Doolin... Is it PPR league?
  2. I'm higher on Josh Gordon than most but I do have him in every other league so it would be a good way to hedge my bets. Also love Amari Cooper! He went first round in this keeper league and I got Tyreek 3rd round. I also believe that Jamison will get more involved and be a serviceable player in future. Is there any reason I should not take this trade?
  3. I'm in a 12 team, 10 player PPR keeper league... Just was offered Amari Cooper and Jamison Crowder for Tyreek Hill and Josh Gordon.
  4. Went pretty interestingly... Like I said, I traded 1.1 for 1.4 AND Pryor! One would assume that the guy I traded with was targeting Fournette. However, he fell victim to the McCaffrey hype (plus his qb is cam newton which adds interest for him I guess) Top 10: 1) Christian McCaffrey 2) Leonard Fournette 3) Dalvin Cook 4) Joe Mixon 5) O.J. Howard 6) Davante Adams 7) Tyreek Hill 8) Kareem Hunt 9) Rob Kelley 10) Corey Davis I was most surprised to see Davis fall to 10... I almost picked him over Mixon but desperately needed RB
  5. Thank you all for the advice! I ended up getting a GREAT DEAL... Traded to 1.1 for 1.4 and Terrell Pryor to a team called I NEED RUNNING BACKS lol. Can't believe he accepted that trade but am very happy I don't have to make the decision between which back to choose with first overall pick.
  6. Thanks... very hard decision for me to make
  7. Serious question... I know Ozuna has been raking all year but Bregman is fire as of late and love his position eligibility... I'm in a 12 team, 2 keeper league that favors offensive categories 7-5 (R, HR, RBI, TB, SB,OPS, AVG; QS, K, SV, WHIP, ERA) Already keeping Trea Burner... HELP!!!!!
  8. Damn man... apologies. Appreciate your help! what about after fournette?
  9. So you like McCaffrey over Fournette and don't see much of a difference between the top 4 rbs?
  10. Bc I'm on the band wagon and bc of very high (pardon the pun) upside... Was reading through the dynasty room thread and a lot of people are saying davis over fournette which surprised me. Is there a clear rookie with most value?
  11. I have the first pick... stressing lol Last year I had first pick as well and went with amari over gurley bc wr's have less injury risk and RB's are boxing bags out there.
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