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  1. What about the Cubs with Sutter, then Lee Smith? Eck was a former starter turned reliever as well. The Cubs had guys that only closed.
  2. MLB is close enough to PCL in my opinion. So many players are able to increase HR totals in the majors. Power from minors to MLB is very translatable, these MLB balls fly.
  3. Did anyone catch Sale’s postgame interview today? I missed it but wondering it there was anything to take away from it. I’ve thought that alot of this is on the Red Sox based on what they have told him to do, not to amp it up yet. Odd that he was hitting 98 a week ago and now today topped out at 93. The entire situation seems to be pointing to a plan the sox have him on to preserve his arm for the full season. You have to also consider that this will make him a better “pitcher” in the long run, being able to control a game without his top stuff. Career longevity being what is there
  4. You da man Tao, as good as anyone else doing this in my opinion. Drafted J-Ram early when he broke out and added Polanco in both my leagues. Polanco was dropped in my 16 team league, imagine that! Keep up the great work. Figured Polanco would be a great backup, but he has forced himself into my lineups as a regular. Draft the skills!!!!
  5. Repeat after me, it’s April 12th.....the season is 8% over.
  6. Let’s be real, the Red Sox didn’t just sign a 5 year 145 million extension with a pitcher suffering a shoulder injury. Sale is notorious for worse 2nd halfs. It seems obvious to me that the Red Sox are trying to change that and have him slowly build up and have his best stuff towards the end of season/playoffs. Still not great for those of us depending on another 250+ strikeout season but better than an injury.
  7. Yea I think everyone forgets what a 162 game grind does to a rookie. No matter how talented a player is it’s such a big adjustment. Then add to that playing against the very best with every opposing team analyzing your weaknesses and having to adjust to that. Keep in mind this guy has to do it as a switch hitter. Maybe that’s an advantage or maybe a disadvantage? It took someone like Alex Bregman who I’d say is on par talent wise awhile to really get going. Once he adjusted you saw what happened. Just like the Astros of a few years ago this Braves team is in a very similar situation
  8. Gsellman struck out the side for the Mets in the seventh today. They were up 4 so it wasn't a hold but still good stats and could see some hold situations.
  9. I got him in the mid 90's in my roto 5x5 league. Obviously concerned about the average but I also noticed that he has improved on his average the second year at every minor league stop. I think he can easily hit .230+ with 40+ HR, 90+rbi, 90+runs.
  10. I think the Nats will be fine. Just about every team in baseball would swap places with them. There is hardly much to fix. They may have Turner back by the playoffs and they need a closer, no reason to panic. As a Conforto owner I wish he was on any other team than the Mets right now!
  11. I don't think many people drafted Kemp for his speed on the bases. I drafted him this year based on the above stat of 18 HR in 68 games in Atlanta. .265/30+hr/85R/100RBI. Speed was a non factor for me as I would assume for most regarding his value at this point in his career. Maybe I'm wrong but any steals over 5 in my book is gravy. I'm very happy with his performance so far.
  12. Ditto that, Props to Taobball. I reached for him early during my draft because of his preseason write-ups. Thanks!
  13. I don't think we will ever see this kid in AAA again. He's on team USA in the WBC for a reason. I really think he is this years breakout version of Mookie Betts last year. Correct me if I'm wrong but Betts is the #2 fantasy player right now and really struggled when he first was called up as well, same as Trout. I think we often underestimate just how big of an adjustment the bigs are from the minors. Its pretty rare to see guys come up and just start raking right away. The way he finished off last season shows me that he is the real deal.
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