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  1. I like Noel. Given the minutes he always produces. Okafor won’t give you stocks. No clue about Indy guy although Sabonis is hurt now too.
  2. Hmmmm. Depends on how high you are on TT. I would say ROS, Zeller and TT are similar do it comes down to RoCo for LeVert and that isn’t close. I wouldn’t give up LeVert.
  3. I’d offer Nunn and Washington and hope the other team bites but realistically for Oubre and SGA that won’t move the needle much. I would think you’ll need to part with at least 2-3 of these players to get it done: Russell, Lamb, Rozier, Nunn, Washington. The key is NOT to give up Russell. You get it done without trading him, that’s a win IMO.
  4. Kyrie side wins, but I wouldn’t trade Fox. I like his growth this year.
  5. I guess Murray/Hayward. SGA will really limit Paul’s ceiling, IMO.
  6. I like Lamb...a lot. I had him last year and he was money for me. He will also play once Dipo comes back.
  7. Sato. Frankie Smokes is really bad and Jingles doesn’t have the ball in his hands enough.
  8. This is my team: Gs: Doncic, Dinwiddie, Rubio, LaVine, Joe Harris, Beal, Josh Richardson, Graham F/Cs: Turner (IL), Nurkic (IL), Bryant, Collins, Washington, Adebayo, Zeller, Holmes. Who should I drop for Clarke? Zeller? Holmes? Maybe Graham? I love Clarke’s defensive stats. WHIR.
  9. Yeah, if he truly has leukemia, he’s not going to be back by the end of July.
  10. I’d be absolutely shocked if he plays again this year.
  11. Yup. It closed a few days ago. It’s slammed shut now.
  12. I got off the Yu train a few weeks ago. I don’t see how he turns it around with so many walks.
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