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  1. WE are in the process of discussing rules and finding active members if any of you would like to check us out. I know this is vague, but if interested, leave your email address or PM me and I'll send you the email with the google doc of rules. Its important, in a deep keeper/dynasty league, to find great managers that fit into the rules created by the league. We are taking our time to do so and won't rush starting a draft without unless we are sure we have the right members and rules are legit to make us last.
  2. I just feel I have a lot of players like AG. I could use some guard depth, its a keeper/dynasty league, and I was thinking Anthony/Derrick White will continue to get better - I was wondering if it was time to buy especially Anthony before his value continues to climb. I'm not a real big fan of TJ Warren as the second piece here either (his injury and his injury history make me nervous), but he looked like he could be fantasy stud in the bubble and was playing decent before the injury. Seeing the team I have above, who are some players you may chase after for AG?
  3. While I rarely believe in vetoes, if the dude has been inactive over the past few weeks, couldn't even set a lineup, I would be struggling with this too. I'd think even if the guy was semi-active, I would still be debating whether to veto this or not. Dieng, Ellington, Nunn were (and probably still are) right around waiver-wire players. If he's co-commish, the two of you should have already been talking about this guy's inactivity. I'd ask this co-commish how he suddenly got a hold of him and what this looks like to the rest of the league if you let it go through. It appears to be "collu
  4. I think you have gotten some very fair feedback here on this trade. I tend to hold onto "stars" and I believe Booker is that guy in the trade. However, great points made for the OG/Tobias side would have me thinking as well. Is this a keeper league? Let's be honest, the only reason you are thinking of this trade is because its a perfect time to buy-low on Booker. We all know Booker will get better the rest of the season. When that happens, do you still feel good about this trade or do you feel getting Tobias/OG was a trade you made selling Booker low?
  5. I think we both made the same mistake, oops... I would do this trade getting Drummond/Oladipo. If you've held onto Kyle Anderson, you can either hold onto RoCo and hope for a kick to the pouch to get moving; you could try to get something small for someone willing to wait around (truly might consider someone like Vanderbuilt) or package him with someone as a throw-in piece with a popular name, or you could even drop RoCo for a hot FA if there are any available. The biggest thing here is getting Drummond/Oladipo. I'd rather have that side than Collins/BroLo
  6. I would do this trade as well. I think Collins is the best player in the deal. While I agree that Capela & the Hawks plethora of players declines his ceiling a bit, I think Collins still puts up better stats than LMA... plus I also like the flashes we've seen from Vanderbuilt (whom you could pick up). If he continues, that PF spot in Minny is wide open to start alongside of KAT.
  7. I agree with the above comment. I would be all over this trade if it lands me Drummond/Oladipo. I also believe that Kyler Anderson is a drop for a streamer or someone about to get a bump in minutes.
  8. I accept that trade, yes - I think I trade Smart straight up for Coby White, getting Derrick Rose for depth sways me even more.
  9. 12 Team/9 Categories, 10 player keeper league... I took the "punt FT%" approach and drafted bigs early and often. Do I trade Aaron Gordon for TJ Warren and Derrick White (or Cole Anthony)? Team is listed below. PG - Ben Simmons SG - Buddy Hield G - Drew Bledsoe SF - Aaron Gordon PF - Giannis F - Zion Williamson C - Porzingis C - Myles Turner UTIL - Donte Divincenzo UTIL - LUG Dort Bench - Gary Harris Bobby Portis Monte Morris Kyle Anderson Kyle Kuzma IR - Klay Thompson; Kevin Porter J
  10. We start 3 QBs every week (I know its kinda whack but its different). Do you take a chance on Brees playing all game and having a shoot-out vs KC or do you play it "safe" with Minshew @ Baltimore? I know, I know Minshew is far from "Safe" but at least we know he plays all game.
  11. I saw your interest in taking over for a baseball team. We are an extremely active 3 sport league looking for an owner. You interested? Send me an email: beerninkfantasy@yahoo.com. We are taking "applications" until 3pm ET today (4/17)

  12. I saw your interest in taking over for a baseball team. We are an extremely active 3 sport league looking for an owner. You interested? Send me an email: beerninkfantasy@yahoo.com. We are taking "applications" until 3pm ET today (4/17)

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