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  1. Need help selecting my 8 keepers for one of my teams in a yahoo H2H league. This team is in rough shape and probably due for a rebuild soon but I'm going to try and compete as I've finished 3rd three years in a row. Cats are: R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS IP, W, K, ERA, WHIP, SV+H First 6 keepers were easier to pick: Xander Bogaerts, Nelson Cruz, J.D. Martinez, Salvador Perez, Brandon Lowe, Aaron Nola Which leaves me to choose between two of these four : Eddie Rosario, Greinke, Ryu, Bundy Thoughts?
  2. lol did it ever. I'm a gambler at heart so I stayed true to that nature and rolled the dice starting him. Glad it paid off because it usually doesn't for me lol
  3. Any Marco Gonzalez owners rolling him out tonight against the Dodgers? I'm terrified with how hot the Dodgers bats have been but I could really use the Ks and IP. Should I roll the dice or steer clear?
  4. Which side do you like better? 12 team H2H league. Keep 10. Offense: AVG, HR, R, RBI, SB, OPS Pitching: W, SV + HLD, K, ERA, WHIP, QS
  5. Is he a good streaming option tomorrow?
  6. I do like to have 4 RP because everyone else generally has 3 so it pretty much guarantees me a win in SV+H. And 2 bench bats seem unnecessary. Thoughts?
  7. I'm in a 12 man Yahoo H2H daily league. It's a keep 10 league. Cats are R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS, IP, W, K, ERA, WHIP, SV+H. It's the first round of playoffs but I finished 2nd so I have a bye this week. I have 3 moves to burn this week if I want to (4 moves a week total) . Daniel Murphy is a free agent. He plays in Coors field all next week. Should I be picking him up? If so, who should I drop? Moose? Or Voit? Also, I like to stream so I'll be using my 4 moves next week to stream (in place of Plesac). My roster: C - C. Vazquez 1b - T. Mancini 2b - Y. Gurriel 3b - R. McMahon SS - X. Bogaertz OF - Y. Puig OF - E. Rosario OF - J.D. Martinez UTIL - N. Cruz UTIL - L. Voit BN - M. Moustakas NA - J. Adell SP - J. Verlander, Z Greinke, H. Ryu, W. Miley, M. Fiers, E. Rodriguez, M. Gonzalez, J. Lyles, Z. Plesac, RP, - L. Hendricks, S. Romo. T. Rogers, I. Kennedy
  8. Fair enough. You all make good points. It sounds like I may have lost this trade from a value perspective. That being said, it does sound like some of you are advocating that I would be keeping Senzel or Adell though? Do we really think that is the case? I'm a big fan of both of them as I own shares in both in another league but my roster is pretty strong and I can count over 10 players that I'd rather keep considering I'm nowhere near a rebuilding phase. And if I'm keeping a prospect for long term value I'd rather keep Wander Franco to stash even if he doesn't play next year. So I tend to think this was the right trade given my keeper situation. On a side note, I just completed a trade for Kyle Hendricks giving away a 2nd round draft pick. It sucks being without my top 3 draft picks next year but Hendricks should solidify my SP. Just gotta pray now that going all in like this wins me the championship. Wish me luck!
  9. I'm in a 12 man Yahoo H2H daily league. It's a keep 10 league. Cats are R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS, W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP, QS. I'm currently in 2nd place (7.5 pts out of 1st) and looking to make a championship run. This trade definitely improves my OF and RP. There is a good chance I wouldn't have been able to keep Senzel or Adell either since my team is pretty solid. If I could trade for one more quality SP for draft picks I think my team has a good chance at taking it all this year. But I don't want to trade away all my draft picks either lol Anyway, did I win this trade or give up too much? I traded away: J. Adell N. Senzel 1st round draft pick (11th round after keepers selected) 3rd round draft pick (13th round after keepers selected) FOR Charlie Blackmon Sean Doolittle 12th round draft pick (22nd round after keepers selected) 14th round draft pick (24th round after keepers selected) My roster after the trade is: C - J. McCann 1b - C. Bellinger 2b - K. Marte 3b - M. Chapman SS - T. Turner OF - T. Mancini OF - G. Springer OF - C. Blackmon UTIL - J. Upton UTIL - B. Reynolds BN - R. Odor NA - W. Franco DL - R. Laureano DL - M. Haniger Current Pitchers are: SP - Z. Greinke SP - C. Morton SP - M. Minor SP - R. Ray SP - E. Rodriguez RP - B. Hand RP - I. Kennedy RP- S. Doolittle BN - J. Samardzija BN - A Young BN - M. Leake BN - Streamer
  10. Bump. Okay I was thinking that since I might not keep Haniger anyway since I have a lot of keepers to choose from and my offense is solid that it might be a way to strengthen my pitching. What draft pick(s) would you offer then for Wheeler to replace Leake? Or do you think my pitching is fine?
  11. Is Mitch Haniger and a 3rd round draft pick (so 13th round in a keep 10 league) fair? I feel like Mitch Haniger and Zach Wheeler are about equivalent. So it's basically a 3 round DP to use Wheeler the rest of the year. It doesn't matter to him that Haniger is on the DL since he's going to be tanking for the rest of the year anyway. Thoughts?
  12. I'm in a 12 man Yahoo H2H daily league. It's a keep 10 league. Cats are R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS, W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP, QS. I'm currently in 2nd place (just out of 1st). I'd like to target Zach Wheeler to strengthen my pitching staff and make a championship run. Laureano will be replacing VanMeter when he comes off the DL so Wheeler would likely replace Mike Leake. The guy in last place in our league is in full on rebuild mode so looking to trade some decent players for picks and/or prospects. Looking at his roster he'd definitely be keeping Mitch Haniger. What is a fair draft pick to include in this offer? Or am I better off not targeting Wheeler and just keeping Leake (who has been decent)? Or leaving that spot for a open for a streamer? Thanks in advance! Current hitters are: C - J. McCann 1b - C. Bellinger 2b - K. Marte 3b - M. Chapman SS - T. Turner OF - T. Mancini OF - G. Springer OF - J Upton UTIL - N. Senzel UTIL - R. Odor BN - J. VanMeter BN - J. Adell NA - W. Franco DL - R. Laureano DL - M. Haniger Current Pitchers are: SP - Z. Greinke SP - C. Morton SP - M. Minor SP - R. Ray SP - E. Rodriguez RP - B. Hand RP - I. Kennedy RP - J. Jimenez SP - J. Samardzija SP - A Young SP - M. Leake
  13. Okay, I can pickup K.Marte. He's also available in my other league along with options like Wong, Beckham, and K. Hernandez. In that other league, Trea Turner just went down so I'll need a SS. I can move Schoop to SS and draft a 2B also. So, out of K. Marte, Wong, Beckham and K. Hernandez who do you like the best?
  14. I'd pick him up for Dickerson since Dickerson is on the DL and I'm out of spots.
  15. Puig is on waivers in my 12-team keep 10 h2h league. and I have number 1 waiver priority. Do I use my number 1 waiver priority and pick him up? Offensive cats are R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS My offense in this league is: C - D. Jansen 1b - L. Voit 2b - R. Odor 3b - M. Chapman SS - J. Peraza OF - C. Dickerson OF - J.D. Martinez OF - T. Mancini UTIL - N. Cruz UTIL - N. Markakis Bench - N. Senzel Bench - J. Adell Bench - A. Kiriloff NA - R. Lewis DL - J. Upton DL - A. Hicks I'm dropping Dickerson since he's now on the DL anyway. As you can see my team is clearly rebuilding. Other notables that are FAs where I wouldn't have to waste waiver priority are M. Franco, A. Gordon, C. Walker, D. Swanson, J. Bruce, K. Marte. Any thoughts? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Bump. Thanks for the replies so far. Any other thoughts?
  17. I need help choosing 10 to keep in my 12 team - 12 cat league - Yahoo H2H league Hitting cats are: R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS Pitching cats are: IP, W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP, QS Hitters are: Trevor Story, Khris Davis, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Anthony Rendon, José Abreu, Ozzie Albies, Adalberto Mondesi, Eddie Rosario, J.T. Realmuto, Miguel Andújar, Joey Gallo, Dee Gordon, Kyle Schwarber Pitchers are: Carlos Carrasco, José Berríos, Edwin Díaz, Masahiro Tanaka, Cole Hamels, Eduardo Rodriguez, Sean Newcomb, A.J. Minter, Freddy Peralta, Aníbal Sánchez, Lance McCullers Jr., Marco Gonzales, Nate Jones Right now I'm thinking.... Story, Vlad, Rendon, Albies, Mondesi, Rosario, Realmuto, Carrasco, Berrios and Diaz.... That means I'd need to not keep Davis, Abreu and Andujar. Not too concerned about Abreu but it's tough decision to not keep Davis or Andujar. Any advice on who my 10 to keep are?
  18. Thanks for the advice. You don't think there is much additional value here now that the Padres should be an improved team?
  19. Thanks. I've been also leaning on the side of Voit too. I suppose it will all come down to whether he beats Bird out for the starting role.
  20. Thanks for your input. I'm not sure that Happ is young? He's 36 years old so he's much older than Hosmer? And I won't be keeping Tyler White. But you're right I can slot Bellinger into 1B.
  21. I'd rather keep Senzel since I'm lacking youth and although I placed third last year I'm probably due to start rebuilding. Any other thoughts on Happ or Voit?
  22. Hmm this is very interesting! I didn't even consider it since I figured Ray would be due for a bounce back after major regression last year. Do you mind sharing more insight as to why you feel keeping Hosmer and Happ is the way to go over Ray?
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