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  1. Seager is not “rolling” whatsoever. Problem with this guy is he takes his sweet a** time after all his injuries to get going again, and then when he does, get a long-term injury. I thought this would be a great bounce back year, but I’m leaning on never drafting him again. I hope he does in fact start heating up for all owners, but his counting stars for a 12-team are rough.
  2. @ KC last night... 7 ip 6 H 0 er 2 bb 6 k & the W 3.5 era 1.09 whip with a 40:20 k:bb across 54 innings.
  3. sure was, glad he finally put a good start together.
  4. Last 30 days, 20 r 4 hr 9 rbi 4 sb .313 avg
  5. Last 30 days... 24.1 ip 15 h 3 er 2 bb 22 k 3 w 1.11 era 0.70 whip
  6. Could be a legit awesome second half add for a lot of teams.
  7. yep, the k's are nice, but he's back to the old Boyd.for now.
  8. Don't look now, but here's his stats in the past month. 4 wins 28 ks 6 bb 3.86 era .95 whip
  9. Another pedestrian start, with walks still the glaring issue.
  10. Left the game with either elbow or shoulder injury, can't seem to get a clear picture. Twitter comments suggest it was a super soft collision, unreal.
  11. Not quite, the under the hood numbers were screaming for this to finally happen.
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