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  1. Is this dude still rosterable in a 12 teamer?
  2. 12 team PPR, 10th pick for the draft this year.... Would you rather keep Diggs and lose a third round or J. Allen and lose your seventh? Looking for the best value here and I'm truly stumped. Any help would be the best, thanks!
  3. That would be a poor decision at this time of the season. Play him this weekend if he's in fact ready.
  4. Paxton done for the year...must add?
  5. Acuna, please go oooooofff today. Devers, you as well!
  6. Every April all the talk is about his glove and then it disappears because he's decent, not great with the glove.
  7. Can you wake up already Raphy? Barf.
  8. Why's that? Any damage they did was basically because he put base runners on through mostly walks. Maybe so though, I just hope the kid's nerves are more settled the next start he goes out for.
  9. Where'd everybody go you think?
  10. you got it bud, go grab a tissue.
  11. I hear you, most def wasn't a gloat whatsoever, weird to even think that.
  12. Heaney is dealing tonight so far through two.
  13. Let's go buddy, throw some gas tonight...
  14. Just follow this topic and set it for email notifications... MILB Call Up Thread
  15. See my team in sig..would you drop a bat to add one of the following young arms below? WHIR L. Allen J. Sheffield T. Rogers F. Valdez T. Skubal T. Antone D. Cease L. Webb Thanks!
  16. Cora has him focusing on solid contact and he's been looking comfy at the plate so far..I'm monitoring him for sure.
  17. Seager is not “rolling” whatsoever. Problem with this guy is he takes his sweet a** time after all his injuries to get going again, and then when he does, get a long-term injury. I thought this would be a great bounce back year, but I’m leaning on never drafting him again. I hope he does in fact start heating up for all owners, but his counting stars for a 12-team are rough.
  18. @ KC last night... 7 ip 6 H 0 er 2 bb 6 k & the W 3.5 era 1.09 whip with a 40:20 k:bb across 54 innings.
  19. sure was, glad he finally put a good start together.
  20. Last 30 days, 20 r 4 hr 9 rbi 4 sb .313 avg
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