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  1. His best pitch is his slider which supposedly he barely used. In-depth article about his start. https://www.pitcherlist.com/gif-breakdown-yusei-kikuchis-spring-training-debut/
  2. Players almost always hit better at home due to more favorable ball/strike calls.
  3. I wouldn't' blame him for staying. Few if any better places to live than Orange County. How much money does a person need?
  4. Do non-baseball fans know who Mike Trout is? I am guessing a lot don't. It would be like not knowing who LeBron is and I am pretty sure everyone knows who he is.
  5. It looks like injuries are baked into the cost. There is a lot of value in some mid round shortstops so I am going to pass on CC.
  6. I do like JG but I have been burned by drafting players that have had bad second halves thinking it was an aberration.
  7. Dalton Pompey recalled. He is a real threat to Hernández's playing time. He should be picked up as a cuff.
  8. This is the international prospect to have shares of. Only issue is a chronic shoulder pain. Should be over next season. Yusei Kikuchi
  9. May have caught a break. I could use one in in the injury department. It is always something with this guy though. https://www.mlb.com/news/taijuan-walker-placed-on-disabled-list/c-272313886
  10. An absolute bomb. He is on my squad. Trying to dream up a way he plays every day but don't see how. Good bench bat I guess.
  11. It looks like we are learning more and more about Kapler's lineup strategy. Giving multiple players 4 starts a week instead of smaller number of players six starts a week. This kills fantasy value for a lot of players.
  12. Padres overpaid in taking Headley's contract for this guy.
  13. It is easy to be enamored with high 90s velocity with movement. Doesn't matter though if a pitcher does not have control. He will probably be out of the closer role by July.
  14. Something to keep in mind is even in his prime he never could hit left handed pitchers. He would be a strong side platoon.
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