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  1. RIP Leclerc. It's over for him. Kelley ❤️ Fantasy baseball is stressful. I wish there was an outreach program.
  2. Where? lol Looking great is getting out of the random bloop Profar double. He didn't. Next.
  3. And he blew it. Bloop random hit from Profar setup the Semien bomb. So Leclerc is officially done.
  4. OMG it's happening! Leclerc in the 9th!!! In a tie game
  5. This is a wasted season from this glass man.
  6. Was Kinley in the rotation in AAA or was he in the bullpen?
  7. Is he starting Sunday? Yahoo has him starting Sunday, but MLB app has TBD for San Diego.
  8. First guy to 25 makes it to the big leagues first!
  9. Oh you're right! I know there's been some long winded chatter in this thread. But 100% it has to be Super 2 with those two studs. Hopefully just another week or so.
  10. Round Rock with 26 runs scored in a game tonight lol...(so far) Alvarez - 2 runs, 2 walks................... Tucker - 4/7 with TWO DONGS! 😮
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