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  1. I was looking at sprint speed stats today and noticed that he isnt particularly fast. They have him at 259th, 27.5 ft/sec, which puts him right around guys like Muncy, Contreras, and Devers. For reference, Buxton is first at 30.5 ft/sec, and Trea Turner is 6th at 30.1 ft/sec. I know that stealing bases isn't only about speed, but I'd much rather have a truly fast guy like Trea, Story, Baez, or Acuna. Am I over-complicating things by considering this?
  2. I've been looking at the various projection systems on Fangraphs. I've never found a way to post over there tho - (is there a forum there?) - and I post here a lot, so I hope its ok that I am asking this here. Anyway, if you look at pretty much any set of projections, it looks like its sorted by best to worst by WOBA, with the expected guys like Trout and Mookie at the top. But things get weird pretty quick. Like if you look at the steamer projections, Juan Soto is ranked 6th overall. Nelson Cruz is 10th. Acuna is 35 or so. Now those guys are not being drafted anywhere close to that. So,
  3. This. He was actually really good last year if you could ignore R/RBI. If he hits at the top of the lineup, he should be a solid plus in at least 4 categories, and he won't hurt much in BA either. Definitely targeting him... unless he implodes before draft day 🤯
  4. Is there an easy way to see which hitters have the biggest splits vs LHP/RHP? Or even to see projections about who will platoon due to bad splits? I hate drafting guys who sit a lot of the time.
  5. Sitting again. CBS reports that he'll play at some point during the three-game set against the Mariners that kicks off Friday.
  6. Long term, the future is certainly very high. Whats the xpectation for this year tho? Top 30 SP ROS? Better? Worse? I am thinking good comps might be Buehler or Flaherty, who are both top 30 (by AVG stats)...
  7. I agree, I’ve been waiting all year for VG Jr
  8. I don’t know that its 0%, but it does look unlikely. https://fansided.com/2018/07/28/vladimir-guerrero-jr-called-up-triple-dont-expect-him-in-majors-this-season/
  9. Oakland reliever Lou Trivino has 7 wins, 4 saves, 50 Ks, and crazy good ratios. He is ranked 50th overall on the season, and 9th over the last month. In other words, he’s been better than pretty much anyone you’re currently rostering, and he is available in 70% of leagues. He’s pitching in high leverage situations for a surprisingly good team, and he didn’t even come up until about a month into the season. I’ll happily take 14 wins, 8 saves, 100 Ks from a reliever; any chance he gets there?
  10. And he’s gone 1 for 13 with zeros across the board since I posted this ?
  11. I just did the same thing - picked up Hicks and benched Contreras. But I am in a daily league, so I can leave Contreras on the bench until he does something and not miss out on too much...
  12. Sort of all over the board. Pretty much conflicted, as I already was! I have an easy drop, a closer who is no longer closing. I definitely need a power bat. so I guess the real question is Schwarber, Pederson, Kinsler, or Bird? thanks
  13. Someone just dropped Schwarber, and I get why. He’s been wildly inconsistent, he’s slumping badly (he’s down to 236th for the season and 360th for the month), and Maddon is sitting him once or more a week (ya know, cause he’s Maddon). OTOH, his power and hard hit numbers look good, and even most of his plate discipline numbers look ok. He’s obviously striking out too much, but he also walks a ton. Is he a must add in a standard 5-5 H2H 10-team league? (FWIW - Guys like Pederson, Kinsler, and Bird are also available.)
  14. Flaherty for me too, especially now that Reyes isn’t around...
  15. I like to go with the guy I would keep if he does well. For me, thats Lugo...
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