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  1. Do we know what play caused the injury? I think i remember him banging it, but it didnt seem serious at all at the time.
  2. Sounds like a buy low to me. He's getting tons of minutes, he's just not hitting shots. He's not gonna shoot 36% from the field all year. He still finished 62nd overall last year, and 46th overall 2 years ago, i wouldn't be dropping him for some dude like burks with a mystery injury.
  3. Amazingly,I was just able to get him in a trade for Wiseman.
  4. what's the feeling on this injury? are they being cautious?
  5. Bump! looking for 8 cat roto only, prefer yahoo and entry fee between $100-$200
  6. Buy in is flexible, hit me up if you've got openings!
  7. IF he improves his FT to 70% and makes minor improvements to his stocks, he should be safe top 30. IF his FT% stays at 64% and his stocks do not improve, then he finishes around 70th. Probably the riskiest pick in the top 40, but the upside is certainly there. I'm not ready to believe that he's Julius Randle 2.0.
  8. First of all, Bledsoe is more of a scoring guard than Lonzo, he should carry the third highest usg% on the pels. More importantly, i'm wondering about the impact of leaving a system under Budeholzer that limits players minutes, and also limits defensive stats (Bledsoe and Giannis have both seen a decrease in stocks). If Bledsoe can get minutes in the 30-32 range, and recover some of those lost steals, then the foundation is laid for a fantasy bounce back season, especially given where you can draft him.
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