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  1. Anybody watch the Cleveland game? What happened to Clase?
  2. I’m starting him tonight but not feeling great about it
  3. Any further updates? Or informed speculation?
  4. Out of the lineup today against a lefty, I drafted him but this is what worried me about him.
  5. He was 96-99 with the fastball last night. Control of his splitter was not good but his stuff looked pretty good. Better days ahead, I would not drop him.
  6. Anybody have a good take on the KC situation? Any guesses as to who gets the next opp?
  7. KC up 3 in the 9th and Holland not warming. Looks like a true committee and Holland is probably droppable
  8. Looking like he should be back for this weekends series. I’d imagine he’ll be the DH his first few games back
  9. I’m starting him but not feeling good about it. Vegas has the Dodgers as pretty strong favorites tonight
  10. Solid opening series for him. His 2019 numbers of .282 with 31 bombs seems plausible for this year. Could end up being a nice value for those of us that got him after pick 100.
  11. The KC situation seems messy. After Holland’s poor showing yesterday I still think he gets the next shot but if he blows another one I think we’re gonna be looking at a full blown committee
  12. Davis gets the save. Holland or Davis moving forward?
  13. Holland looking terrible. Walking guys, gets pulled for Wade Davis who’s coming in for the save opp
  14. Holland coming in in the 8th, 2 outs bases loaded 4 run lead
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