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  1. And Stras just hit for himself LOL he’s still staying in there. Honestly that is somewhat encouraging that it might be just one of those days for him where he’s not having a feel for things. He keeps looking back at the mound. I think if he was feeling injured he’d have said something by now and not keep running out there.
  2. Stras still out there. Kind of surprising. Gives up a hit to the pitcher. He must’ve told Davey he was fine.
  3. Wil Myers exited the Padres' game in Pittsburgh on Tuesday after making an awkward catch in right field. (AJ Cassavell on Twitter) Fantasy Impact: Myers was replaced in the game by Jorge Mateo. No official update has been given regarding Myers' injury, so we'll be sure to monitor the reports on Myers as they come out.
  4. I’m watching the game, he looks very uncomfortable. FB velocity is only at 90 I’m concerned about an injury
  5. I’m not so sure Montero doesn’t still get the next opp
  6. Montero at least gets out of it with the game tied, think he gets at least one more shot?
  7. Anybody watch the Cleveland game? What happened to Clase?
  8. I’m starting him tonight but not feeling great about it
  9. Any further updates? Or informed speculation?
  10. Out of the lineup today against a lefty, I drafted him but this is what worried me about him.
  11. He was 96-99 with the fastball last night. Control of his splitter was not good but his stuff looked pretty good. Better days ahead, I would not drop him.
  12. Anybody have a good take on the KC situation? Any guesses as to who gets the next opp?
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