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  1. I would definitely pass. Thor comes with quite a bit of risk and you should be getting sure-fire, zero risk guys when dealing JRam.
  2. I'd actually rather you drop Davidson over Kinsler and still get Kingery.
  3. Actually like Anderson the most at home against the Padres. Skaggs will either get lit up or throw a QS gem. Folty probably gets lit up. Boyd is a wait-and-see guy for me. And I'm not buying and Cashner shares.
  4. I agree with Merlin, I think Jose is a .300/20/80 guy with potential for more if he's given the AB's. His game translates pretty well to your settings and I'd try to ship out someone with less upside.
  5. Springer and Contreras and it's not close.
  6. I think that's a solid deal. Would be a little less solid in a keeper.
  7. At first I would say Beckham, but dang Freddy Galvis is underratedly good and Beckham's K's are scary.
  8. I'm going to assume Carlos Santana and a redraft league. Kinda like Team B. Lester/Santana and Puig/Carpenter is a wash, and I like the tandem of Turner and Yelich, although the DL stint of Yelich is risky.
  9. I don't really see a need for you to get Stanton and losing a pitcher. Your pitching is what needs work, not your hitting.
  10. His hitting value is pretty high right now, so I can't see the guy accepting anything less than someone like Nola. I'd probably wait until he cools off then offer up someone with good single-year value. I can't see a guy dealing Ohtani unless they're getting really good one-year value or similar/greater keeper value.
  11. Toss-up for me. If it was anyone other than Altuve I'd be more inclined. Altuve is just too special of a guy to give up. I'd attempt the same deal with Blackmon or Turner instead.
  12. Is this a redraft league or a dynasty? In a dynasty I would probably scoop him up with #1. Redraft, I think I'd pass. If you had Xander and needed a replacement I'd say sure, but you don't really have a need for him on your roster.
  13. Heaven's sake please do not do that. I get the Pham hype, but come on Goldy is a top 15-20 player. No way Pham gets to that level.
  14. Interesting offer. I'm assuming this is a one-year league. Keeper wise I wouldn't consider this at all. I think I would be good with getting Carrasco. The AL Central is so garbage that he will get a lot of cupcake matchups. Slightly more upside than Greinke in my opinion.
  15. I think I'd pass then. Having a core 5 of Lindor, Bryant, Judge, Arenado, and one of your young studs is filthy.
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