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  1. 17 minutes last game, Nash seems to like this kid.
  2. For those in deep leagues (16+), Norvel Pelle is worth a look if you need blocks.
  3. Whoever wrote Diallo’s most recent write-up must really hate this guys.
  4. I can see him having value until OG returns.
  5. Anyone see potential with Khem Birch? He is some ranked in the Top 100 in my league.
  6. I’m in a relatively deep 16-teamer he is comfortably on the wire. If the owner in your league still has him, then he is either not paying attention to his team or he has a man-crush on Noel. In either scenario a buy-low offer would likely be ignored/rejected.
  7. If a player is injured but the severity is unknown, this is all a factor in the risk-and-reward analysis because there is nothing stopping the guy who is trading for Bryant to look up news and determine for himself what is the range of possible nature and extent of the injury sustained.
  8. Like everyone else is saying, this is a risk-and-reward scenario, nothing to do with honesty or transparency. Part of the risk is not knowing how long Bryant is out for. With social media updating us what the players had for lunch before the game, it is difficult to imagine a scenario where an owner is able to trade away an injured player without anyone else knowing about the said injury.
  9. Playing defense is good, but you gotta put the ball in the basket to win games.
  10. Only Jarrett Culver owners should post in this thread.
  11. I was really expecting CP3 to be a bigger benefactor for this guy. So far it hasn’t been working out.
  12. He looks like a good fit for my punt-everything-but-stocks team.
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