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  1. I wouldn't read too much into this. If anything--Orlando is probably incentivized to showcase either vucevic or biyombo before the trade deadline to see if they can move either of them. My guess is that there isn't much of a trade market for Biyombo--so most likely it'll be vucevic. I can tell you that I just traded away Ibaka and Favors for Conley in my head to head league because my point guards are dropping like flies--but I didn't feel comfortable letting Ibaka go. If Vuc gets traded--Ibaka's arrow points straight up.
  2. THIS. Orlando was pretty solid with bigs with Gordon and Vucevic anyway. For their primary offseason moves to be to acquire two big dollar bigs that will come off the bench at the expense of shipping one of the more explosive young starting shooting guards in the league in Oladipo away makes zero sense.
  3. Awesome Post. Go and immediately pick up this "Lance Galloway" fella. He has three more chances to go off his week.
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