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  1. His carry on the last play of the first half definitely looked like a TD.
  2. Carr with 3 fumbles lost and a pick today - against the defense giving up the most points vs QB this season. Had to grab him with Burrow going down and he gives us this crapburger. Unreal.
  3. He clearly looked in. Was such BS that they had no camera angle where they could see, but Drake was clearly calling for a review—he definitely thought he was in.
  4. if carson is ruled out, hyde for sure. I am actually thinking about benching Ronald Jones for Hyde if they rule Carson out. Too much risk on Edmonds (or Jones) on who will get carries. If Carson is out, Hyde will get almost all the carries. Even moreso if Collins is de-activated.
  5. so mckinnon has no chance to take over next week if wilson is out? I have hasty and mckinnon and debating whether to cut one of them for next week's waivers...
  6. Jones has 3 straight 100+ yard games -- he drops one pass and aside from a few plays, he was essentially benched for the game. Arians has shown over and over how he really doesn't want to give RoJo the lead dog role. EDIT: BA must have heard me, he just gave RoJo a 1 yard Td plunge. LF still looks like the lead dog right now though.
  7. Of course TreQuan Smith “WR1” with Thomas and Sanders out is invisible
  8. I also have Burrow on my bench to play the matchups alongside Wentz. My RBs currently are: Zeke Drake Montgomery Chase Edmonds McKinnon Hasty
  9. i'd flex scott. and maybe wait until later in the week if you had someone else to possibly drop if you wanted to stash hasty. help back on mine?
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