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  1. he's a career .248 hitter and has hit over .240 every season of his career except for one. odds are he will hit over .240.
  2. ESPN has him scheduled to start this Saturday at home vs LAA.
  3. I think he heard you. 3 straight Ks to close it out.
  4. For those of us who play in leagues with very small benches, trying to gauge if it’s worth grabbing JBB if it’s going to take a month or more for him to start getting saves.
  5. I get that about not throwing him right into the fire, BUT he did get a save in spring training, so I was wondering if they already see him as that kind of reliever. Add in the fact that no one in the d-backs bullpen inspires confidence, and we may have something here. SP eligibility is a nice bonus too.
  6. bukauskas is also only SP eligible in yahoo (for now). anyone think he can get some saves right away before soria comes back? if he comes out and looks lights out as a closer, they may opt to keep him there over soria.
  7. Victor Gonzalez with the Dodgers save tonight. Roberts is going to spread some saves around with the depth of his bullpen.
  8. only reason runner reached was because of an error, but clase blows the save for cleveland...
  9. Benched today for Andrew Stephenson. Robles may not be long for the leadoff spot, but for Davey to give up on him batting 1st after 7 games is pretty ludicrous and short sighted. And now, today he’s on the bench. Seems like Martinez can’t stand him.
  10. Anything to see with the Barlow 2 inning save?
  11. Corbin has been a ratio killer this season — cuttable in most leagues after his warning signs of decline last year?
  12. I’m sure Romano is owned in almost all leagues, any chance Dolis sneaks into the closer role?
  13. For a guy who was/is basically free and will play almost every day when you throw in them probably DHing him 1-2x per week, he would seem to be able to give you much more than what it costs to acquire him. Especially at the wasteland of C. If you don’t hold last year’s fluky season against him, here is what he has contributed from a weak C slot since he became a starter. 2019 .288 BA/14 HR/73 RBI 2018 .306/15 HR/70 RBI 2017 .260/11 HR/35 RBI only 208 AB injured 2016 .307/22 HR/80 RBI 2015 .229/15 HR/68 RBI 2014 .267/11 HR/47 RBI 2013 .272/16
  14. No one is talking about Ramos? Just hit his 5th and 6th HR of the season tonight and he was/is basically free (late round draft pick or even still a free agent in some leagues). Aside from an awful season last year (and hard to fault anyone for last season), he's hit over .260 every season of his career except 1, in 2015, but he had 15 HRs that year. Can be a pretty valuable C if he is going to play nearly every day for Detroit. With Miggy going to the DL, they also might opt to play Ramos at DH some nights to give him a break from behind the dish, making him even more valuable.
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