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  1. Pivetta. Much cleaner road map for him to contribute.
  2. Too lateral of a move in the grand scheme for me to want to do this deal.
  3. Seems like a shallow league. Given that you go Senzel here for the upside.
  4. Double post sorry
  5. I gave up Mike Soroka, Austin Riley and Ken Giles. I got Zack Wheeler and Giancarlo Stanton. How do you guys think I did on this trade? Leave yours!
  6. Don't think that would be enough for Snell. I just traded Riley+Ken Giles for Zack Wheeler.
  7. Gave Mike Soroka, Austin Riley and Ken GIles Got Zack Wheeler and Giancarlo Stanton Let me know what you guys think of the trade.
  8. I was offered Millie Betts for Mondesi, Ken Giles and Mike Soroka. Would you do this deal? It would require me to make a move to fill my second base spot. For reference my outfielders right now are Tommy Pham, Andrew Mucutchen, Nick Senzel, Austin Riley, Greg Polanco and Domingo Santana. I have instead been trying to deal Correa either for pitching or an outfielder because I could then slide Bergman to short and have Senzel or Riley to play 3rd. But yeah overall is that too much for Betts?
  9. Kingery is not a must add in 10 teamers. It comes down to Kingery or Moncada. If you think Kingery will get 500PA's or more and believe in the skills then go with him. He doesn't have the steals upside of Moncada I don't think, but he will hit for a higher average, have a higher OBP and likely hit as many homeruns. I think they are very comparable players. I would want to keep Gio given Kershaw, Paxton, and Price all have missed some time recently. Good to have that depth.
  10. Martinez... How deep of a league is it? McMahon probably doesn't even get picked up in your league if it is a 12 teamer. If he gets called up later on and Martinez hasn't performed you can switch them.
  11. What do you guys think? 14 team league normal 5 categories+OBP Who would you rather have? Kingery possibly picks up OF eligibility later in the year in addition to 2B and likely 3B. But regardless of position, who would you rather have and think has the better year?
  12. Thanks a lot guys for the feedback. If Castillo & Paxton stay healthy and give 160-180 innings I think they will be top 20-25 pitchers at least. If Bradley and Leone can lock down the closer jobs (I give them more then a 50% chance) I think the staff will make out fine. For my hitting I am thinking maybe offer Rizzo for Bellinger+ a good pitcher maybe that can help my depth. Other than that I can pick up Alonso who is on the waiver wire. Biggest weakness I think is Kiermaier in the outfield. If I can hit on a breakout guy I think my lineup can win if Carpenter plays
  13. Hey, good to be back getting ready for the season. I just finished my 14 team redraft 6x6(Normal 5x5+OBP and Quality starts) auction league draft, and I think I did terrible I would love advice on where I should look to improve and maybe suggestions as well. Team goes as follows. C: Mike Zunino 1B: Anthony Rizzo (He is eligible at 2nd Base as well FYI) 2B: Matt Carpenter (Eligible at 1B and 3B as well) SS: Trea Turner 3B: Joey Gallo (Eligible at 1B and OF as well) OF: Charlie Blackmon OF:Delino Deshields
  14. I hope the uptick in free throws is here to stay. Joker gets hacked a lot, but doesn’t get calls a superstar would get, probably hasn’t earned that yet but still. I see him get hacked all night.
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