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  1. Looks interesting ,id take the AL east if available
  2. You couldn’t view my link.........Theme is MLB team names

    Dynasty format in phases 

    16 team, H2H, 6x6, normal 5x5 plus OPS and Holds. 

    Pick your team name when joining and I will move you to the proper division 
    Playoff Format: Four Division winners plus one wild card each league. 6 total playoff teams.

    Will make this a fun league. Will push for trading. Get rid of dead beats quickly.

    Make ESPN trophies for Division winners, etc. Use Yahoo app for trading and discussions
    22 position players 
    8 bench 
    5 DL 

    We will draft on a Sunday evening when league is full 

    2018 All players including MiLB players are eligible in initial draft. 

    2018 Soon after initial draft, 5 round MiLB draft held. Players drafted moved to offline list. 

    2019 5 round MiLB draft prior to regular draft. Players moved to offline list.  Limit 10 to offline list

    2019 22 keepers + 8 round draft

    2020 5 round MiLB draft prior to regular draft. Moved to offline list. Limit 15 to offline list
    2020 30 keepers, minimum 22 keepers 
    All drafts worst to first all rounds 

    MiLB players may be kept on list until rookie limits are exceeded. 

    MiLB players may be added and subtracted at any time to this list. 


    Howcould you have any more questions, lol, but if so, please inquire at


  3. If it's a true dynasty I will take the Pensacola team. rczak68@gmail.com
  4. I'll give it a go, 2 of my leagues dont seem to be active this year. rczak68@gmail.com
  5. 16 team Dynasty free ESPN Head to head league needs 1 owner http://games.espn.com/flb/clubhouse?leagueId=198174&teamId=14&seasonId=2018 40 man roster 25 Starters 15 Bench 32 keepers
  6. if there room i give it a go rczak68@gmail.com
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