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  1. Sadly his mentality also lead to one of the best seasons for a closer ever. Unfortunate how that worked out.
  2. Wanted to apologize but tried fact checking myself but was too late to edit my previous post. He's tied with Kluber for the TEAM record. I looked back at the broadcast (they posted it right after his 8th k) and it said he's tied for 4th all-time with Johnson and Kluber. When I started looking for things I saw Johnson has 15(?). So now I'm confused haha. If anyone would like to figure out the exact record books go for it. I did look back and it still stand, 14 straight regular season games with 8+ Ks. He has K'd 8+ in both games this year (obviously) and he had 7 in his one pos
  3. My "water cooler conversations" with friends sometimes give me insight to things. Yesterday morning, my good friend who knows i've always been big on Bieber and he has always been a big critic and downer on him was talking to me about baseball and said "do you think Bieber will bounce back today vsKC?" I almost spit my coffee. Think about it, people don't even realize how their expectations have changed about him. It aesthetically was not the sharpest outing he's ever had. Velo down (i truly believe that was a cold weather thing as around league velo was down in cold weather gam
  4. 80-pitch sim game was scheduled for yesterday. Anyone with news on how it went?
  5. I was watching this entire game closely ( hope my boss is not on these threads) and it was tight. Karinchak came in to preserve the win and save Bieber. Still tied in the 8th and the game was tight, Clase came in. This seemed to be a case of hey we're the home team and just have to keep them to the minimum number of runs asap. If we take the lead before a walkoff situation then thats great...and they did and Wittegren was left. If there's any minor thing to take from this it's that Karinchak came in before Clase. I honestly don't believe Wittegren is the closer because of nature of t
  6. While this may be true for most, McMahon doesn't profile as a typical LH power hitter and usually gets his HR on balls to center and left. I believe he only hit one or two HR to right all of last year? Now with that said he may have made a change this year because he definitely did not have his typical approach last night. Hopefully he has for the better. Just be wary about projecting him in the typical LHB mold
  7. As a huge TB Rays fan I always hated the way we handled him. Never really gave him an extended look and wasn't even in a long term platoon at any point. I knew for him change of scenery was going to do wonders. While the style of lineup management Cash uses wins game, I've always felt it is still going to let a few talented players trickle through (but honestly it's been fewer than I have expected over the years). Tampa will (finally?) eventually lose on that trade.
  8. Go Not Justin, go Flaherty...are we actually starting Luzardo though?
  9. First off want to say I'm not picking on this post but in general the what I keep seeing about Clase and Karinchak. Also I am holding both and I think they both could end up being top closers so I'm not coming from a place of rooting for one guy. However, to say he has the stuff and the demeanor to run away with the job how could you not think that about Karinchak even more than Clase? I've been watching Clase for awhile now and in general he gets about a K/Inning and that's from a large sample from the minor leagues. To me that doesn't scream "dominant" lights out can't touch h
  10. Perfect time to get benched 🤦🏻‍♂️
  11. Cover curse is a real thing. Baez last year too
  12. I take it you missed seeing Hayes in the lineup the majority of those games
  13. Pittsburgh lineup card today is probably the weakest lineup card i've seen turned in in the last 20 years lol.
  14. I agree with you that people are probably overreacting to this Merryweather/Romano/blue Jays situation on all parts. First off (to play devil’s advocate) the only thing that is only slightly concerning and makes me do a double take is that Romano came in the 9th of an away game. Normally away teams save their closer for only if they go up to save it or if they’re running out of arms. With that being said, I will also say this to counter it. I was watching that game and it was tense and both managers were managing as if they knew it was not going longer than a couple ext
  15. So I was always under the impression the balls used during ST were actually the previous years balls and the 2021 balls don't begin to get used until opening day. Anyone with concrete info for or against this? Not saying anyone's wrong or right in this thread just looking for clarification.
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