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  1. If he’s healthy enough to play I like Jalen Reagor. Him and hurts seem to be in sync before he got hurt and it’s juicy @DAL. Looked minor but I’m playing him if he’s healthy in my deep league.
  2. Not sure where some of this information is coming from but to clear up some incorrect info from this thread: -he only outsnapped Cooks, not Coutee -he did not outgain Coutee (hansen 101yds, coutee 141yds) -he was third this week in targets out of the three of them (Coutee 9, Cooks 8, Hansen 7) -Coulter was a healthy inactive this week. Who knows why but that's where it stands. I loved this guy in college back when Cal still ran an air raid type offense. He was a stud in 2016 until he had a foot/ankle injury that lingered that year. He was carted off in a boot
  3. Well in a PPR that’s probably going to give you a nice enough floor, but in standard that’s like a spell back that doesn’t get goaline carries. If the gamescript is flipped and theyre down multiple scores they’ll look to go more vertical which may mean aiyuk has better games (if it turns out Deebo is not great at running routes). I’m not saying he’s not solid, i just wanted to bring it to people’s awareness when they play these stat lines in their minds without seeing the game. I personally hope to see more ability down the feel and more off his getting open running routes. We have
  4. https://charts-cdn-b.nextgenstats.nfl.com/static-charts/900/route-chart_SAM636097_2020-REG-12_1606698335842.jpeg Fwiw 7 of his 11 targets were behind the line of scrimmage this week. In week 6 when he went 6/66/1 ALL of his catches were behind the line of scrimmage. In week7 only 4 of his 5 catches were at or behind the line of scrimmage. He’s absolutely ridiculous with the ball in his hands and after the catch (and was in college too). However, because of this I feel you’ll get a bit of volatility as teams will try to stop this. Makes me feel like aiyuk is viewed as their
  5. in all seriousness I believe it’s Ben DiNucci. Played a Pitt for a bit then went to James Madison as a graduate transfer and excelled there. 7th round pick
  6. I truly believe (if he’s been dropped) Anthony Miller might be a thing again now that files is under center and Cohen is out. He’s not being mentioned but I see him being on waiver columns next week. He’s the add and Graham is fools gold.
  7. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/news/rays-randy-arozarena-getting-reps-at-second-base/
  8. This. He’s mainly being used vs lefties and as a punch runner. The Jose Martinez trade was done to get this guy playing time. I think he’s talented enough he’ll play his way into getting regular ABs sooner rather than later. They’ve even been trying to work him into playing 2B a bit. Reminds me of a prime Pittsburgh Mccutchen.
  9. He’s made 23 career MLB starts and NEVER has allowed more than 3 ER (that’s a record). He’s had a quality start in every game this year (including vsLAD, @LAD, vsHOU, vsOAK, @COL) except the opener because of building up. You’d have to go back to May 19, 2019 at AAA in the PCL where he allowed 5ER and that was the only time in all of 2019 he had >3. By my math, he’s allowed more than 3 ER once in his last 40 professional starts (MLB, AAA-PCL) and that dates into 2018. I hope you were being sarcastic but if not (and to any doubters) he is LITERALLY the safest start in all of basebal
  10. I am actually on your side of the argument where I'm meh too and have never really understood the hype around him. He does do all five baseball skills "good" or better with no major holes. Just to play devil's advocate let's not forget Mike Trout had 23 minor league HRs in 1126 AB then almost when 30/50 in his rookie year. By no means am I saying he's anywhere near trout and I know he's not as developed a hitter/overall player on call up date. Just saying, sometimes guys are projected to have "future" power and sometimes when they spend enough time refining their skills in the minors,
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