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  1. HAHA love that. For real though. I started Calvin Ridley this weekend b/c I, uh hum, slept-in past kickoff.
  2. it was a lot more serious for me back when I was unhappily married. Now I'm out dating (aka: getting laid a lot) aaaaand FF is kind of on the back burner now. That plus this being a weird covid season and all.
  3. for sure, Cleveland is outclassed today. Browns aren't going to play a top 3 team every week so might just have to take lumps here and hope for better outings.
  4. Baker is making me miss Eli. why is that clown getting commercial deals?
  5. It's happening here in Texas, US as well. Not sure what the run on TP is all about. If we're lucky they'll wrap their heads like mummies so we can see them coming.
  6. what a wonderful time to stream this hot garbage.
  7. comon man, grab some boards. 2 TRB last game and has 1 through the 1st half tonight. not good.
  8. Wish I had bought a few cases of masks when the news first broke. Could be making a killing reselling them on Amazon rn.
  9. Not quite that straightforward. Coronavirus fatality rate varies depending on age and if one has existing conditions. 14.8% if you're 80+ 8% if you're in your 70's 3.6% in 60's 1.3% in 50's 0.4% in 40's and 0.2% for 10-39 and no fatalities for children 0-9 recorded. Those with comorbidities have a 7-13.2% death rate, however pre-existing medical conditions also tend to be more common among the aged. One more factor that hasn't really hit the numbers yet given the small sample is the effect of medical responsiveness & capability of the
  10. I've got CmC, Rhino and Barkley in a 3RB dynasty league. I predict a l of whining for the next couple seasons.
  11. In my 12 team 3 keeper I kept AR too (along w/ DJ and ODB) finished #11th as you might imagine. No way I can keep AR again and he's got zero trade value.
  12. Never thought in my 2 QB league I'd be rolling Eli and Tannehill in the semis. ARod and Rivers can sit this one out.
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