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  1. Crabs are NEVER good. Not unlike your posts!!
  2. Seems fair to me. I think McCullers is a better bet than Matz.
  3. I have both. Thats a coin flip in my opinion. Gun to my head not knowing your settings....Gonsolin as Dodgers are arguably the best team in baseball
  4. Huge Pearson fan.He should be up in mid May. Lynch would be a close second and he is up.
  5. Agree with the others. Playing tine a big plus
  6. Keep DeGrom by far!! He is by far the best player
  7. Its close but for me I keep Lindor. He will come around its only the third week and the road is littered with under performing highly ranked players so far. Patience is a virtue!!
  8. I would go with Valdez. Looks like he will be back soon. I picked him up this AM
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