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  1. Buxton is a walking Mash unit. If healthy yes but thats a huge if
  2. Rodon side probably wins. IMO But I like Frazier a lot ros, I think its closer than it looks though Hill will probably end up hurt sooner rather than later
  3. Jump on it. Snell is a pitch at home only arm at this point
  4. I was probably not clear. I need to drop one of those 2
  5. Hill has looked edgy his last couple starts and we all know how Snell is doing. I need a hitter to cover some hitters continuing to have slow starts. Thanks in advance
  6. Sorry!!! I guess in reality it does not. Excuuuuuuuuuuuse me
  7. very very close if I had to pick probably Lindor side.
  8. Ozuna by a mile. I believe Kennedy has been activated..
  9. Yes agree with the others probably Grossman. Thanks for mine!!
  10. yea I figured it was kind of borderline.Thanks!
  11. . He is on the WW in my league and is being called up today, Thinking of dropping Garcia, Happ or Guirel Jr. Is he a must add in a 10 team? Thanks WHIR
  12. I think they are very close but I would lean Stassi
  13. And when your finished doing that...Take in the dog and put out the cat. yakety yak.... .Just saying. Seriously I probably do that..Snell is a start only at home pitcher at this point. and as much as I love Kershaw he rarely makes it through a season.
  14. Sometimes I don't think he even reads the post
  15. Effin. I think he is pitching better than his numbers suggest
  16. Not knowing your roster or settings makes it tough but yea I would probably do it in a vacuum.
  17. In a vacuum yes But I might only start him at home until he starts pitching better on the road//ha ha
  18. I think I hold. I am a little concerned about Bauer and the whole doctored BB issue. His spin rate shows he has clearly been using. If MLB really cracks down it could really mess with his value and effectiveness. If you look ate his stats he has has 2 good years and the rest are average at best. Time will tell
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