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  1. Though Pitt D has been trending down lately I think they are going to be pissed losing to Cinn
  2. Not sure if I can use him week 16 still sharing with Gurley and Hill
  3. Just turning in. Big Ben has 7 passing yards vs Cinn and it’s almost halftime??
  4. Upset of the year. Survivor pools dead. People lost big on Vegas bets
  5. Another Akers run calked back by penalty. It’s that kind of week
  6. I am so pissed off right now. [...] But this Chargers team should be 10-5. Herbert should be averaging 300 yards 3 TDs per game. We should be seeing 450 yards 4 TD games as his ceiling. For the health of fantasy football beyond 2021 Anthony Lynn better NOT be back for next season. They need to build this offense around Herbert.
  7. What's funny is it was Lynn's incompetency that lead to Bagley's missed 51 yard FG. And in OT Herbert delivers high end QB1 numbers for week 15. What's even more astounding is that Herbert passed for 314 yards by only completing 22 passes - aDOT master
  8. Like I posted earlier. Oak D stinks even worse with Marinelli. Guyton dropped a TD but no complaints here.
  9. I'm reading through the posts and of course anytime the WR1 is a GTD it makes you think twice. The fact remains the Raiders have already ruled out starting defenders Jonathan Abram, Ncholas Morrow, and Clelin Ferrel, Damon Arnette. Nevin Lawson is questionable with an illness. Rob Marinelli (who was the def coord for the Cowboys) is now interim def coord on a short week with a scheme that he did not create. Even if Allen is ruled out the matchup is still the same. It's a skeleton defense. I get why Vegas o/u is still at 52 as this is also a must win game for the Raiders. What we
  10. Due to close contact or another Balt COVID breakout?
  11. What in the world. Backup hurts knee. Out comes Lamar from the locker room lol
  12. There has been 7 rushing TDs and 0 passing TDs in this MNF game lol
  13. Tempted to start him over Herbert in my 2 QB league to pair with Lamar. Very tempted.
  14. Hurts was impressive today. Think I need to look elsewhere don’t think AZ D will get as many sacks with that dual threat
  15. The future is bright for FF with Akers, Dobbins, Jefferson, Herbert, Robinson, Claypool, Burrow, Lamb, Gibson, CEH, Taylor.
  16. Okay LJ getting some glimpses of that MVP form in time for playoffs
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