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  1. I'm sure it was a scheduled thing and it wasn't even thought of that there was guys playing the next day just because how else would you get them the vaccine? "hey, your day is this day. Everyone who wants one gets it. If you dont' want it that day, we don't know when you'll get it"
  2. As a realistic stand point, it's "Why would you run a young RB into the ground when you can use your vet while you have a throw away season." I know the division is in their grasp, but longterm thinking would be focusing on future seasons. With bad weather coming up, and Smith being their QB (short to mid range is his game), the run game will come more important. Interesting to see if they will move towards the passing down RB (McKissic) or lean on a play-action style with a running RB (Gibson).
  3. What's this guys value in a keeper? I can't put my finger on what I should be doing with him in a keeper league. Is he good? Is he just slumping? Is this just how they'll use him? Less than 100pts in a PPR league, but like 5th in rushing yrds. Geez louise
  4. The trade ended up being Barkley for Tyreek Hill straight up. At 1-6, I'll be doing more trades that make me better in the future hopefully. I've already talked to the Zeke owner and there's no desire to move him quite yet. Thanks for everyones help
  5. My rankings would be Barkley, Mahomes, McLaurin, Gordon, Swift, and try and move Gordon/Swift for picks or an upgrade on another RB.
  6. Would you trade Hunt+Tyreek Hill for Barkley+Corey Davis (might be able to get Swift instead of Davis)
  7. 0 time length for keepers. You can keep a player forever, the league goes until it's abruptly ended. You can keep 1-4 players, where every keeper takes up a round draft slot, so if I keep 3, my first pick is in the 4th round. If I keep 4, my first pick is in the 5th round.
  8. OOF. That's a toughy. I'd possibly do Hasty, but wait until as long as you can and drop him to put him on waivers where another team couldn't take advantage of him. Since Coleman I think is back soon, he's a 1 or 2 week replacement, so drop him where he hits waivers and doesn't help another team this week.
  9. I'm dropping Edelman. He's cooked. He might end up getting 1 or 2 games where he goes off, but he's not worth the headache ups and downs he'll have.
  10. Any more input on the second deal is very helpful. Davis+Barkley for Hunt+Hill, is it worth it?
  11. Yes because it's a keeper. CMC+Zeke is an amazing 1/2 in a keeper.
  12. I'd do it. But Zeke isn't a player I really wanna own in a non-keeper league to finish the yr. It seems like Pollard is going to get more touches, and he's a better pass catcher than Zeke. Which will be used more as the team will be down more often than not. I'd do this move if you can flip Zeke for like Chubb.
  13. I'll look into those 2 threads tmo morning. Thanks guys. A different trade off for Barkley was just offered Corey Davis+Barkley for Hunt+Hill. Im thinking no on that one too
  14. This is a keeper league. 16 team league, 0.5PPR QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, FLX Keep 1-4 players. My team: QB: Mahomes, Tua RB: Hunt, M.Gordon, Brown, Dobbins, Hyde WR: Hill, McLaurin, Cooks, Ward, Samuel TE: Hurst Do I trade my Mahomes+Hunt for Barkley+L.Jackson? I'm 1-6, terrible luck all yr. Do I do this move moving into next yr? Keeping a QB is a real advantage when it's that 16 team league, where I was able to wait on picking a QB till Tua late. QBs drafted/kept in the first 4 rounds: Mahomes, Watson, Jackson, Brees, Murray
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