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  1. Are u in a espn league? There u can toggle him in as utility that would b nice. But yeah bad move
  2. Andujar. Cj might have playing time issues http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/702343-drop-osuna-or-cueto/
  3. Yeah I would keep cole, if you need a bat I'd trade one or two of the young pitchers while they stay on top
  4. Hanley nice http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/702343-drop-osuna-or-cueto/
  5. With darvish kershaw moncada cueto sano on dl and onsua suspended and we only got 2 dl spots should I drop cueto or osuna? Got price, Romero, Richards, Zimmerman ,clipper,andujar,gardner able to pick up
  6. Agreed, yeah diffo interesting but don't see alot but a prob flav of week but could drop any on you bench for him
  7. Yu, if not injured long you turn into better trade later while buehler sits
  8. Drop sorka for price ,g Richards or j happ, cahill,wacha or just keep him
  9. I would hold theres a chance there something going on with the shoulder of yu haha I would try the guy u got behind godley 4 yu
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