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  1. I always make it a point to draft Nimmo because he is always so cheap but provides good value. Mets offense has been trash, but Brandon Nimmo's ability to draw walks in my eyes makes him rosterable in any OBP or points league. He can hit and draw walks, and once in a while he will get driven in. Great OF option, especially for deeper leagues.
  2. He's on my "draft next year" list. Dont think he'll get more than 40-50IP the whole year honestly
  3. Thought it was telling that they didnt even think he was good enough to start as a bench bat. I think its wishful thinking that he will come up anytime soon.
  4. Seems like everyone pitches well in San Fran. Cant hurt playing until the wheels fall off again.
  5. I'm dropping in points. Guy already has 13 Ks on the season. His strikeout rate is too high for any league who penalizes Ks at -1. Unless he hits .260 with 48 bombs again, not worth it.
  6. Had a great rookie season in 2016 with the Tigers, but it has been all downhill since then, and Tommy John in 2019 derailed him a bit. Now he is finally healthy and has been throwing well in relief. Tigers have a wild stable of young starters and Hinch has talked about a six-man rotation. Could Fulmer be good as an innings eater in relief for those playing in leagues with start caps? And does he still have the potential to return to his 2016 level of play?
  7. 36 years old and back on the A's. Had a great season in 2018 but is notorious for being consistently hurt, and hasnt played since then due to knee injuries. Has only played 3 seasons of over 140 games, and he's been in the league since 2008. Currently hitting .294 with 6R 1HR and 5RBI in 34 ABs, off to a solid start for a 2B at a position where there is not a lot of depth this year. Anyone else kicking the tires in deep, deep leagues?
  8. I was dumb enough to start this guy again thinking it was one bad start. Tacked on another -4 points for a grand total of -23 on the week! In a matchup where I am losing 334-314. So I'd like to personally thank Brad Keller for losing me my matchup versus just about any starter this week.
  9. I had him down the stretch last season with Toronto and honestly he was great. For reference, his statline in 2020: 53.1 IP, .214 BAA, 2.70 ERA, 1.163 WHIP, 50Ks 8 HR given up. I am rolling out tomorrow in hopes that he will continue what he did in a small sample size with Toronto. The Mets park is pitcher friendly, and he isnt having to face the likes of the AL East offenses anymore. Think he can be a serviceable starter.
  10. I bought shares of this guy like 5 seasons in a row and he went nowhere, first time someone reaches for him in the draft and he turns into a stud. Nice to see another Orioles pitcher make it out though. Between Bundy, Gausman, and Arrieta, its very clear the Os pitching development derailed some good young arms.
  11. The people in this thread are major complainers. Guy is good for double digit strikeouts in every start, AL Cy Young winner, has WAY LESS miles than most of the other top pitchers named, and has elite stuff. What the heck more do you want? The only thing I agree with is that the offense backing him up is putrid, and will not get him the W. But that hasn't stopped deGrom, who has had some of the worst bullpen performances over his career behind him. If anyone in your league owns Bieber and thinks like the folks in this thread, BUY BUY BUY
  12. It's great to know Shane Bieber is going the route of Jacob deGrom of being a Cy Young winner who gets 0 run support.
  13. This guy gets no love. Catcher is absolutely dead and this guy has enough to finish as the #2 catcher (or even #1 if Realmuto gets hurt) because of all of the pop he has.
  14. Not sure why no buzz about Bundy after his nice season last year. it is becoming clear that former top Orioles prospects prosper elsewhere. 10Ks last night. Two solid starts. If he can cut down on the homeruns he will be a potential #2 tier fantasy pitcher for any team.
  15. Brad Keller was solid for me last year as a young cheap arm. 2.47 ERA in 54 IP. I figured who doesnt want an opening day starter in the 19th round? Goodness he really managed to impress today my giving me -19 points with his 40.50 ERA! Anyone else start this week killer?
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