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  1. Freeman owner doesnt have much.. WRs are Nuke, Richardson, Robby Anderson, Dede, and Josh Gordon... RBs are Howard, Crowell and Damian Williams. His TE is Rudolph I sent a trade out to get Kelce for Mixon and KAllen.. doubt it gets accepted but you never know. Still havent heard back from him. I also sent out a trade to get Olsen for Mixon..
  2. 12 Team 2QB 0.5 PPR; currently 5-5 and making a push through some easier opponents. Trying to make playoffs, might need some help.. QB: Prescott RB: Bell, McKinnon, Coleman, Duke, Mixon, Jamall Williams WR: Baldwin, Thielen, KAllen, Sanders TE: Brate SuperFlex: Carr (also Beathard) K: Streaming DEF: Baltimore; Chicago I feel like I can trade some depth and get an upgrade at RB2 behind Bell. What do you think is the place I need to upgrade the most? QBs carry a ton of value in this setting. Thanks! WHIR
  3. Howard and Dez no doubt. Henry will be a stud eventually but old man is in his way... I like Green but Dez isnt too far of a drop off especially with how efficient Dak is playing. The drop off from Howard to Henry is far more severe though
  4. No doubt. Cleveland D plays very well but their offense does them no favors!
  5. Fair trade in a vacuum... Not sure if the McCoy owner will bite though. Baldwin doesnt have that name value like Hopkins or Hilton does. Personally, I love what Baldwin brings to the table and he's about to blow up after yet again another slow start.
  6. Ajayi is trending down... Mixon is trending up. We havent seen the best of Mixon yet. I'm putting my money on him.
  7. Freeman and Kamara. Freeman has been extremely productive when he gets touches but the atlanta offense has been sputtering around for the past 3 weeks. They are far too talented to continue at this pace the rest of the year. Freeman will come around and start putting up fantasy numbers equal if not better than Gordon. I'll take Kamara over Miller any day.
  8. I dont see a problem with it. If you're worried about WR depth, you can just dangle one of your RBs out there and see if you can get a solid WR back in return. Someone like Garcon or Sanders... I would think Thompson would be enough to get one of those two guys..
  9. I'd consider either Dolphins or Bucs.. Leaning towards Bucs because Newton is tied for 3rd most sacked QB
  10. Thinking back to the time with FJax was a thing haha... fun to see Alfred Blue too... wonder what happened to those guys?
  11. I beg to differ. They are rolling him out slowly and could easily become the 3rd option in a pass heavy offense behind Allen and Gordon. They are already saying his pitch count will be increased substantial this week compared to last week. At least he will be on the field as oppose to Morris and DMC
  12. That's tough because I like Cooper and I know what he is capable of.. he is much better than what he has done so far.. I think people were too quick to reach for him early in the drafts which is why so many people are having issue with him right now... **See T.Pryor** Fuller will come back down to earth eventually. Watson is playing outside his mind right now.. love them both but I dont forsee them producing at this level for the rest of the year. ROS, I would still rate Cooper higher than Fuller
  13. I would drop Alf Morris... Zeke's legal team has already found a way to keep him active for the next two weeks.... and at this rate it could be even longer..maybe into 2018. DMC is the best option as the backup to Zeke because he can actually stand in and pass block which Morris cant. Regardless of what I say about the two backups, Zeke will be starting the next two weeks, so you will be holding up two roster spots for people that arent even playing. TL;DR: Drop Morris
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