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  1. Wasn't Nurkic traded to Portland? But you could add Plumlee
  2. The DH in the NL will change fantasy baseball by taking away the pitcher KS for not having pitchers bat. The advantage of NL pitchers will disappear as a tie breaker between pitchers. I doubt it will have much effect in more quality starts or pitchers staying in games longer. It seems that more and more innings pitched are determined by pitch counts. To lazy to look at the data to see if AL pitchers have more quality starts compared to NL pitchers and even if they do how much would be because of the DH rule.
  3. Not knowing the covid situation, which hasn't really stopped the NBA anyway, I am guessing it is weather related. Southern and Central United States have been hit with a couple of severe winter ice storms (and snow) this week and are going through power failures. Northern United States have seen temperatures get down to close to -40 degrees F.
  4. Analytics changed the game more than rule changes in my opinion. The idea that you have a better chance of scoring a run with a runner on first base and no outs compared with having him sacrificed to second still just blows what mind I have left. It isn't so much going through the lineup 3 times as it comes down to pitch count. Analytics again showed that most pitchers get much worse around a 100 pitches. Funky ways of running bullpens will make things worse. But I agree with you watching a 3-2 game was more enjoyable than the 10-9 games are happening. Think fantasy plays a ro
  5. Miami has a population of 478,000 compared to Los Angeles at app. 4 million. Or for every person in Miami there is 8 people in Los Angeles. Of those 478,000 people how many were transplants and still follow the Yankees or the Red Sox? I live in MN and this year I have become wheelchair bound which I have found does not work well in snow and ice. By next winter I hope to move to Arizona but I will remain a Twins fan. No they aren't using the economic might to spend wantingly. Freidman was trained in Tampa Bay and built the Dodger model on careful spending and a strong farm system. The Dod
  6. The Rays bring in 200m a year according to you, the Dodges make 450m a year just off their TV contract. A month ago either the Rays or Marlins along with the Brewers didn't even have a television contract for the 2021 season. If they do now I don't know. The Dodgers are very good at running the luxury tax game. Also to support the huge salaries they have had the good fortune (or smarts/skill) in having a good farm system that has 0produced good players to be brought up. So you have a two edged sword in s farm system that produces giving a chance to sign FA that other teams can't a
  7. What happens if the Bears are on Watson's list of teams he would consent to be traded to but the price is three first round picks a second and a good young player. Could Watson veto the trade as he would feel that he is hamstringing the team he is going to? Another words to much draft capital given up and the Bears in this case would not be able to improve the team around him.
  8. I went by what the professional commentators first said when it happened.
  9. Looks like he went down for the count. Twisted ankle but he looks like he is in a lot of pain
  10. The loss of Stanton was really not that damaging. Three years with the Yankees he has played in 199( 158 the first year) games and had 45 HRs while being paid 77 million( not prorating for last year), while still having around 200m on the books through 2028.
  11. I have heard it reported on the news of people getting it twice though it happens rarely. There was a 104 year old lady in a New Jersey nursing home that caught it twice and strangely enough had caught the Spanish flu in 1918 while immigrating to America. My next door neighbor has also had it twice catching it both times from his place of employment. The other worrying aspect of the catching it twice narrative is does that include the current mutation? There is way to much unknown to make definitive statements.
  12. 2 really cheap fouls. One he fould by hitting the dude in the arm with the back of his head. The second he bumped a guy while running down the court and the guy flopped.
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