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  1. He is a rule 5 pick this year. In 6 years he can leave as a FA, if the CBA doesn't change. Another words for this year he is going nowhere. If the Tigers want to send him to the minors the Twins have the option of claiming him first.
  2. Anderson of the IL for the White Sox and it looks like he is leading off
  3. Looks like the Marlins trade of Gallen for Chisholm could be one of those rare trades where both teams came out ahead by team needs. Like the way Chishom looks.
  4. With the push to have the DH for pitchers as they can't hit why not include catchers as well as most of them can't hit either?
  5. I hate this extra inning rule. Twins have lost three games already this season by giving up 3 singles and one of them was a bunt.
  6. The A's have also faced some very good pitching teams (Astros, Dodgers). After another series against the Astros they go against ARI and DET. Be short sighted to drop with the week coming up.
  7. Buxton with his 4th HR on the season. With health he is looks like an strong MVP candidate.
  8. Buxton with his 3rd HR of the season
  9. Buxton with a long HR to straight away center. 5-2 Twins
  10. Do 2 longtime keeper leagues every year. This year they both held their respective drafts Sunday night at 7 pm. I missed both as I laid down for a quick nap at 3pm and woke up 12hours later
  11. What size was the league and was it a mock or not? Fooling around I have done 2 twelve team drafts and in the first one he went 10th round pick 8 and the second one also the 10th round but pick 3. In both cases the manager stuck him into a utility slot.
  12. 4/4 on threes in the 3rd quarter after going 0 for 3 in the first half.
  13. Wasn't Nurkic traded to Portland? But you could add Plumlee
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