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  1. So with Morales obviously taking a lot of the time from this guy and basically making him a utility bench guy from what it looks like, we dropping him?
  2. Also to answer the question, I'd drop for Pirela. Tough to bite the bullet but I'd do it.
  3. So I've accumulated that: Brinson is "The fish" Pirela is "Socal" Corey Seager is "Hollywood" Rizzo is "Windy City" Do you have a collection of nicknames for more players that I can peruse? Your insight is legendary
  4. I appreciate you didn't even pick a pitcher. I'll take that to assume you mean I should drop Paxton or Bundy maybe
  5. Clevinger > Anderson I'd keep all but Des. Pirela > Mallex > Cargo specifically.
  6. I agree with a lot of what was said, the deal with Thor is a no-go. Robbie Ray makes it close, but I still like your side better. I'd hold tight. Also, lol Rush
  7. what are the rules, keep forever? Unless it's keep forever with no penalty, I'm taking deGrom easily
  8. Kela absolutely, plus you don't need to deal with the headache that is Mike Sciosia.
  9. I think that's a better trade for you, although it'd take a lot for me in your situation to bite the bullet and trade Berrios. This is a trade I'd take though, good counter. Help me out? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/700564-who-do-i-drop-for-rizzo-whip/
  10. I'd def keep Carrasco in your case, he's holding down your staff with deGrom. Plus his upside is a lot higher than Cano imo. Help me?
  11. I love Morton this year, but I think you have to take that. Then maybe consider flipping an OF for a pitcher if possible, even if it's just an even trade. Pham or Upton are both good deals for you, it's personal preference at that point. Help a brother out?
  12. Team in signature, I'm not sure who I should be dropping to activate Rizzo from the DL. Ottavino is really helpful in my league where we have ERA, WHIP, and K/9 ratios instead of flat Ks. I've been unimpressed with Arrieta and Lester but they feel too big of names to drop, and I want to give Junis and Wood another start to see if they can get back to their form of their first two starts. Maybe I should I try to do a 2 for 1 trade, and which pitchers? Who should I target? Leave a link and I'll help ya out!
  13. Will keep this spot officially open until someone is actually in the league, just hoping to get it filled ASAP so we can draft!
  14. Also, to be clear, the values on the team screenshot are the prices that the players can be kept for, and you can keep anywhere between 0 and 7 of them.
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