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  1. This guy is carrying me. 75, 17, 63, 11 hitting .295 out of a 2B? Gold baby!
  2. Snell debuted when they still had something of a decent lineup With a good leadoff So throwing hard on adrenaline just because it’s a debut start is okay? Many have come up and looked better. He was wild and out of control with his stuff from his first pitch. McCann or himself called on the FB all first inning and he kept throwing it hard as he could instead of simply pitching. Against a terrible lineup led by .270 hitting overpaid Castellanos and Niko Goodrum while fat overpaid and overweight Miggy sat again. Cease will put it together but nothing about that
  3. Except he really didn’t look good...he missed the zone with his FB all start long. Lots of guys pump the gas and some can control it and hit the Zone. Cease couldn’t all start long. and again, he wasn’t mixing pitches at all. McCann is likely partially to blame. 8 of his 9 first pitches were fastballs that a garbage lineup sat and took taking balls. not impressed. im assuming you have shares in deep keeper leagues as to why you’re defending him. 5.40 era, 1.60 whip meaning he averaged more than 1 and a half walks/hits during his outing against a team of AAA play
  4. I haven’t updated that in forever. I’ll take the beating. He’s getting the win and good for him. Wish Detroit could develop a farm and get back to competing
  5. And guys like you keep saying this was a quality debut. I didn’t see it.
  6. Doesnt he need to go 6 to qualify for the W? Honest question
  7. 5.40 ERA and 1.60 Whip over 5 innings is a decent start? That’s not even a quality start. Please let me into your league. doesn’t even qualify for the win if they take him out. Against the horrific Tigers...
  8. Not embarrassing. But I’m a Tiger fan (which is embarrassing) Hes still chucking his FB high, away, and outside. He’s got good stuff. Settled down nicely
  9. He’s at 87 pitches through 4 against the worst lineup in all of MLB, led by Jacoby Jones and Nick Castellanos. Great call!
  10. He doesn’t seem to be mixing pitches well enough. His stuff looks great but he keeps missing with the FB. High and outside/away all inning. Then he got in trouble and started throwing that nasty curve and using his arsenal but by then it was too late. feel bad for any of you that started him today. The Tigers are awful and it seemed like a great start. Unfortunately Cease and McCann called a bad game. It’s not over yet. Seems to be back on track but that 1st inning was horrific. And again...against the worst batting lineup in MLB. Castellanos is the best bat and he’s hitting
  11. 69 pitches through 3 against the worst lineup in MLB.
  12. He will be fine until they start losing games and GM/Coach LeBron starts blaming him
  13. Beast? I’ll give him 3 weeks before he hits the DL again after his return.
  14. I grabbed Manning as a hold in my keeper but a player can only be held in this league if they make an appearance (prospect wise). For a $1, they’d be $6 to retain. Should I run and get Mize also? Faedo is the one furthest away for sure.
  15. Another steal after going 1/4 and plating as well. This guy is gold right now when tons of owners wait on guys to get healthy.
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