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  1. How do we feel about Wainwright coming off the DL? Good matchup today.
  2. He looked pretty good to me. Got up to 98 mph on his fastball
  3. Rangers game is delayed. Not surprising, it was pouring rain with hail a little while ago.
  4. I'm also stashing Happ on my bench waiting for him to turn the corner. I think he's droppable if a better option comes along, but I don't think Odor is it.
  5. This kid might just be my pickup of the year. He's saving my pitching numbers after Masahiro Tanaka did his best to destroy them.
  6. Had him on my roster for about a week and had to eventually drop him because of how little he played. As you said he would need to be platooned with another catcher and I just didn't have the room on my bench at the time. Although I notice he's now 1B eligible and seems to be playing a little bit more. It may be time to take another look.
  7. Thank God I didn't start him today. I'll hold on to him for the time being, but he may not be on my roster for much longer.
  8. His stuff is filthy, these guys can hardly but the bat on the ball.
  9. The ball hit him so hard it sounded like it hit the bat. Gibbons wanted to review it, thinking it was a foul tip. Freeman looked like he was in a lot of pain. Not good fellas.
  10. Unlike Schwarber, however, Happ can be trusted to play the field everyday. In fact, he's rather versatile defensively much like Kris Bryant. Schwarber is a DH stuck on an NL team, which is why the Cubs toyed around with his promotion from the minors. Also they weren't yet expected to compete when Schwarber made his debut. I agree there's no telling what they'll do but the situation isn't all that similar to Schwarber or Bryant. They're trying to win games, and Happ is helping them win.
  11. Ugh, thanks for reminding me of that guy. Sometimes I wonder why I'm a White Sox fan.
  12. Same here. I've made a few offers, before and after his most recent implosion, but couldn't make it happen. We'll see what happen with his next start.
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