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  1. Doubtful - Jameis is a huge upgrade over the one-legged zombie they are rolling out there right now.
  2. Isn't this being an NC State fan in a nutshell? Except you have WAY more success
  3. Biggest bust of the season, right guys? Right? Like no one close. Right?
  4. playing against a guy who benched Hunt for Drake......LOLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Now in the Semis after nabbing the last playoff spot in my league by .02 points. LOL.
  6. Considering some dude in my league just flat out dropped this guy a week ago....he's OK as WW fodder.
  7. So, he's worse than Marwin Gonzalez, Chris Taylor, Andrelton Simmons, Didi Gregarious and Jedd Gyorko. Basically, we're saying that you could have gotten better production from many dudes available as FAs after the draft than the guy who was picked in the first round of most drafts. Will he return to some studliness next year or maybe this year? Perhaps. But let's not forget that this dude has been about as big a bust from an ADP level as anyone this year.
  8. Uh he was a first round pick - comparing him to other SSs means nothing - compare him to other first round picks. I picked up Didi as a free agent well after the draft and he has been head and shoulders better than Manny. He is a bench guy at best at this point - basically Chris Carter. and yeah - with Torres in the fold - there is no way the Yankees pay dollar one for this ****show - they'd much rather watch the Os deal with that
  9. You and I both - tenuous hold on first place - odor and machado have been a middle infield of galactic suck.
  10. Like I wouldn't argue with someone who felt like dropping this dude at this point. i mean - he was my first rd pick - and I've managed to survive - but I really think he's just bench depth at this point. thank you Didi!!!!
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