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  1. I’ll be curious to see where the consensus has Wander Franco sliding in next year. I think he could be a pretty early promotion after that first service year window unless a surprise contract signing happens and he’s in there opening day
  2. I did hear early projections have Gausman as a Cy candidate and Conforto as MVP. Somebody predicted it somewhere
  3. Has it been announced players will not play who test positive and recover? I’m confused by the reactions...
  4. Wonder how many “player” has flu like symptoms in spring training were COVID. Weird how there are so many who test positive and have minimal symptoms. Almost like it’s overblown
  5. If he stays healthy I’d say this equates to 130 runs and 20+ sb
  6. Is there a link to follow along? I promise not to steal signs.
  7. ^This If I’m a player involved I would feel like complete crap. Some of them got huge contracts for their performance during this time and get to continue playing and cashing checks. MLB knew the revenue intake wouldn’t be affected as much by losing managers vs suspending all stars
  8. Brock takes Conforto...all is right in the world
  9. Anyone see the slimmed down Vlad Jr lately? Could be the steal of the draft.
  10. Adam Eaton final line: 151 games played, 103/15/49/15 You should have stopped at your first prediction!
  11. Mookie trying for yet another 3 hr game. Would tie the mlb record for most in a career
  12. 1998 NL MVP voting 5th Craig Biggio 13th Vlad Guerrero 21st Dante Bichette As difficult it is for any person to make an MLB roster, for the sons of all three of these guys to make their debut on the same team in the same year seems to be more rare than getting struck by lightning when you've just scratched a $1M lottery ticket.
  13. And that my friends is 20 games at SS and another year of ESPN eligibility. Stay glassy Correa
  14. Welcome to the annual countdown of Bregman earning another year of SS eligibility! Thank you Carlos Tulo-Correa!
  15. Engineers working on it. What a load of crock yahoo. This isn’t rocket science and there’s already a player to use as the basis. Have the “engineers” just add him. My god
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