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  1. Check out his schedule. 49ers, Bucs, 49ers, BYE. I dropped him this week. See if someone dropped Zuerlein or Lutz this week for their bye and try to scoop them up. Stream this week and you are set for ROS.
  2. Here are my observations as to why Gurley does not look right this year. I am pleased with his points up to this point, but there are some criticisms, both his fault and the team. 1- Gurley is hesitant on runs on where he does not have a clear immediate running lane from his line. On his 12 yard run to the left and his first TD run, he showed the burst from last year. He saw the lane was there and ran through it with power. On most his other runs, he has a defender in his face and he is taking some stutter steps which leads to getting hit quickly and not gaining yardage. 2- Pa
  3. With news of it being a meniscus injury, is he a hold or drop?
  4. I picked up Damarea Crockett. Got some work and has some enticing measureables
  5. Hmmm, 190+ standard points. I’ll certainly take that. We are talking how useful these guys are for fantasy. Not how their NFL career panned out.
  6. Might be me being paranoid, but did Damien Williams pull up with his hammy on that swing pass?
  7. I am actually realling liking the Giants DST. I am debating them over the Seahawks @ 49ers. They have been getting nice sacks and a turnover here and there the past couple weeks. TEN also doesn't score many TDs away from their home field. In saying that, i would still play MIN over them, because same scenario in that MIA offense in much worse when way from home.
  8. How do we feel about this guy from a dynasty perspective? Like many have said, he has the raw talent but makes a lot of bonehead decisions. Bottom line is he is a very good fantasy an, just not a real life qb. I don’t feel confident he will be back in TB next year. I feel we are obligated to hold, just to see where he goes.
  9. Agreed 100%. Did the same thing. The Titans cannot move the ball, or put up points. Dallas D is also pretty underrated, should handle the Titans easily.
  10. Starting this guy with Extreme confidence this week. Why? Well besides the matchup on surface and shootout potential. ATL defense is banged up, plus they are playing on the fast turf in ATL. Also, look at his history vs the Falcons. He has torched them, with no less than 2 TDs in every. single. game. His last 3 games, he has 10 TDs and averaging 280 passing yards with 10 rushing yards. He provides a great floor with the upside to blow the roof off. Coming off a bye week, with an offense that led Fitpatrick to throw 3 straight 400 yard games, against a defense that has been dismant
  11. It really revolved around my qbs. I got lucky kn a few deals where people had their homer goggles on. Some of them were continued deals or 3 way trades. I will try to get this all straight, I made a total of 15 trades. 1. Jimmy G, Hyde, K. Benjamin(homer) for Pat Mahomes, Stefon Diggs, Evan Engram and 1.7 2. Sammy Watkins for Joe Mixon. 3. Aaron Rodgers and 2.1 for Russell Wilson, Amari Cooper and 2.7. 4. Joe Mixon and 1.7 for Ezekiel Elliott. 5. Andrew Luck for Derek Carr. 6. Chris Carson, C.J Prosise, Stefon Diggs for Jarvis Landry and 1.8. 7. Amari C
  12. Quick Update. We had our rookie draft last weekend and started FA this past week. QB- Carson Wentz, Jimmy Garoppolo, Mitch Trubisky RB- Zeke Elliott, Saquon Barkley, Derrius Guice, Rashaad Penny WR- DeAndre Hopkins, Odell Beckham, Robert Woods, Chris Hogam, Christian Kirk, Antonio Callaway TE- Zach Ertz, Austin Hooper DST- Texans Total Salary Cap after rookie signings and FA: $272 (out of 300) with 6 open spots on roster.
  13. I would do that deal. It significantly increases your starting lineup. You will still be able to get a real good player at 1.9, while having the improvement from Davante Parker up to Michael Thomas.
  14. Thanks for your input. Yea I am fully prepared to draft Saquon with 1.1. You are right in that I will not be counting on a rookie WR in that open slot. There are a couple free agents that I will feel comfortable placing in the WR2 spot to play matchups. The thing that is nice is that i will be able to play Garoppolo in one of my flex spots as opposed to another rookie back, or someone I pick up from FA.
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