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  1. Check out his schedule. 49ers, Bucs, 49ers, BYE. I dropped him this week. See if someone dropped Zuerlein or Lutz this week for their bye and try to scoop them up. Stream this week and you are set for ROS.
  2. Here are my observations as to why Gurley does not look right this year. I am pleased with his points up to this point, but there are some criticisms, both his fault and the team. 1- Gurley is hesitant on runs on where he does not have a clear immediate running lane from his line. On his 12 yard run to the left and his first TD run, he showed the burst from last year. He saw the lane was there and ran through it with power. On most his other runs, he has a defender in his face and he is taking some stutter steps which leads to getting hit quickly and not gaining yardage. 2- Passing game usage is so very different from last year and this part I don’t put the blame on him. This is purely game script because that line is getting pushed back into Goff every single play. You can see the communication before the snap of where he needs to pick up the blitzes. We are used to see him running more routes, more specifically, screen plays. He has taken so many of these for chunk gains, where he simply hasn’t had that once this year. The reason for that, is they don’t trust the line to hold for that split moment to set up the play. The line one is playing very poorly and is a major factor is in drop in yards from scrimmage. I believe he is a hold and look forward to better days ahead. Just some observations that helped write the narrative in my eyes.
  3. With news of it being a meniscus injury, is he a hold or drop?
  4. I picked up Damarea Crockett. Got some work and has some enticing measureables
  5. Hmmm, 190+ standard points. I’ll certainly take that. We are talking how useful these guys are for fantasy. Not how their NFL career panned out.
  6. Might be me being paranoid, but did Damien Williams pull up with his hammy on that swing pass?
  7. I am actually realling liking the Giants DST. I am debating them over the Seahawks @ 49ers. They have been getting nice sacks and a turnover here and there the past couple weeks. TEN also doesn't score many TDs away from their home field. In saying that, i would still play MIN over them, because same scenario in that MIA offense in much worse when way from home.
  8. Agreed 100%. Did the same thing. The Titans cannot move the ball, or put up points. Dallas D is also pretty underrated, should handle the Titans easily.
  9. It really revolved around my qbs. I got lucky kn a few deals where people had their homer goggles on. Some of them were continued deals or 3 way trades. I will try to get this all straight, I made a total of 15 trades. 1. Jimmy G, Hyde, K. Benjamin(homer) for Pat Mahomes, Stefon Diggs, Evan Engram and 1.7 2. Sammy Watkins for Joe Mixon. 3. Aaron Rodgers and 2.1 for Russell Wilson, Amari Cooper and 2.7. 4. Joe Mixon and 1.7 for Ezekiel Elliott. 5. Andrew Luck for Derek Carr. 6. Chris Carson, C.J Prosise, Stefon Diggs for Jarvis Landry and 1.8. 7. Amari Cooper for 1.9. 8. Derek Carr, Jarvis Landry, 2.7 for Jimmy Garoppolo, Sammy Watkins 1.6. 9. Pat Mahomes and 1.9 for Carson Wentz and 2.3. 10. Sammy Watkins and Brandin Cooks(homer) for DeAndre Hopkins and 2.10. 11. Russell Wilson, Mark Ingram, 1.8 and 2.10 for David Johnson. 12. David Johnson, Mack Hollins and 2.3 for Odell Beckham, Randall Cobb and 1.5. 13. Evan Engram for 2.5 14. Gio Bernard and Randall Cobb for Mitch Trubisky. 15. Chris Godwin for 3.3
  10. Quick Update. We had our rookie draft last weekend and started FA this past week. QB- Carson Wentz, Jimmy Garoppolo, Mitch Trubisky RB- Zeke Elliott, Saquon Barkley, Derrius Guice, Rashaad Penny WR- DeAndre Hopkins, Odell Beckham, Robert Woods, Chris Hogam, Christian Kirk, Antonio Callaway TE- Zach Ertz, Austin Hooper DST- Texans Total Salary Cap after rookie signings and FA: $272 (out of 300) with 6 open spots on roster.
  11. I would do that deal. It significantly increases your starting lineup. You will still be able to get a real good player at 1.9, while having the improvement from Davante Parker up to Michael Thomas.
  12. Thanks for your input. Yea I am fully prepared to draft Saquon with 1.1. You are right in that I will not be counting on a rookie WR in that open slot. There are a couple free agents that I will feel comfortable placing in the WR2 spot to play matchups. The thing that is nice is that i will be able to play Garoppolo in one of my flex spots as opposed to another rookie back, or someone I pick up from FA.
  13. So this is the first offseasons I have ever done in a dynasty league. It is a superflex, PPR, salary cap league. I felt good going into last year, but was killed by injuries. I made a lot of moves, think I improved from year 1 to year 2? Here is before and after. Starting roster is QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/SFLEX/FLEX/K/DST with 22 roster spots/ 3 IR and 3 Taxi BEFORE QB- Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, Jimmy Garoppolo RB- Mark Ingram, Carlos Hyde, Gio Bernard, Jeremy Hill, Chris Carson WR- Brandin Cooks, Sammy Watkins, Kelvin Benjamin, Chris Godwin, Mack Hollins TE- Zach Ertz Picks- 1.1, 2.1, 3.1 Total Salary Cap: 294 (out of 300) NOW QB- Carson Wentz, Jimmy Garoppolo RB- Zeke Elliott, David Johnson, Gio Bernard, Jeremy Hill WR- DeAndre Hopkins, Chris Godwin, Mack Hollins TE- Zach Ertz, Evan Engram Picks- 1.1, 1.6, 2.3 Total Salary Cap after rookie signings: $242 (out of 300) with free agency yet to come.
  14. For my league, we allow player to be kept in round drafted for 1 year. Anytime after that, they must use a 1st round pick to keep a player. It is a pretty large deterrent for people to keep on having the same player year after year. As far as the bonuses this is another thing that we do. We do both yardage bonuses and the long TD. We felt is was good to "reward" a player for having someone hit those benchmarks. As far as the long TD bonus, we went with the mindset that in an actual game, those long TDs can help turn momentum in that game. We wanted to do something similar where we felt a long bonus was appropriate. It has certainly helped turn the tide of a game, especially if someone owned a QB/WR combo on one of those long TD plays. I specifically remember a few years ago I was playing against my longest friend. We always talk a bunch of trash and watch the games together. I had the Andy Dalton/A.J. Green combo and they connected on a huge TD play. That play pushed me over the top to beat him. That play alone made the week more memorable and honestly one of the single most memorable matchups of my fantasy career.
  15. I think it will come down to how they want to use this backfield. Will they try to split it up between Hunt/ Ware and West? That would be awful. Hunt is clearly the best option they have, but we will have to see how the offseason and preseason play out. I think he will be a safe bet, but cannot rule out the above from the coaching staff. (I also have him as a keeper option) I hope they decide to use him as their new Jamaal Charles.
  16. Hah, yea for sure. Cam, Gurley, Bell, D-Hop, and Rishard Matthews were his big dogs.
  17. So.... I had started Aaron Rodgers, Kareem Hunt, Mark Ingram, Devonta Freeman, Brandin Cooks, Adam Theilen, Jimmy Graham, Gostkowski, Dez and Eagles D..... Lost by 40 freakin points. IN STANDARD!!! Wow.
  18. Steelers play a lot of zone defense. Lots of opportunities for Cooks/Brady to find their spots. Joe Haden playing today after breaking his leg earlier in the season... Also, Chris Hogan is out.
  19. RB- Davis and Hyde WR- Julio and Gordon FLEX- Goodwin
  20. I would play Cooks and actually keep in Marvin Jones. I was watching NFL Network and they made a point to say that Golden Tate has struggled against the Bears his whole career. That and the Bears have a tough time against WR1s, I would play him. I would actually play Crabtree over Marshawn Lynch if anything.
  21. As long as Mike Davis ribs' are good to go, I would play him. Getting the majority of touches.
  22. Very tough. Cam would be the safer pick I think due to his rushing floor.
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