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  1. Filled as of now! I will reply again if anything changes! Hope you all have a great season!
  2. Hey, bud! I have one other person who sent an email, if they don't take it. You got it! Thanks!
  3. This league could most certainly use some more Niner fans if the faithful are out there!
  4. Hey, Greg. Think I may have a league with an opening that could potentially be what you're looking for. Check my post or shoot me a dm on here. Thanks for your time either way and best of luck this season.
  5. Trying to quickly compile three more active and experienced owners at this time to embark on a second year league where weak links and a quarter of the league competing are a thing of the past. Owners who like to engage others in a fun and cordial way while still announcing their imminent league dominance. I’d prefer to fill the league with highly experienced adults and that’s no slight on the tremendous young minds who are successful in fantasy football, it’s just something experience has shown me over the years. I have been playing fantasy fo
  6. Took a couple years off, but excited about getting back into seasonal fantasy baseball. Been playing for over 15 years and would like to join in something with individuals who have similar experience. Not looking for anything too crazy, redraft is fine, but more than anything I'd enjoy getting in on the ground floor of a dynasty. Roto is certainly preferred as well. Most importantly it has to be a live draft in the NYC area and be for at least something worth the time in regards to a prize. I mean no disrespect, but not looking to compete all season for a shot at $400. If you have
  7. Looking for seven extremely experienced, civil, competitive, knowledgeable and active owners to round-out a first year H2H-points league on ESPN. It's a redraft league, though I would prefer those looking for something they can enjoy running back for many years to come. 16 Teams Site- ESPN Lineups- Daily Rosters- G- (3), F- (3), C- (1), U- (1), B- (6), IR- (2). Weekly Acquisitions- 4 Playoffs- 8 Teams Draft- Sunday, October 15th. 8pm Entry Fee- $120 (league safe) Payouts- 1st, 2nd, 3rd Places. 1st Place for the season.
  8. If you are a commissioner make sure you don't let in owners only because they are willing to pay the entry fee. Screening will help weed out the crazies and those looking to change every rule about your league to their preference. Which will undoubtedly cause you to question why they joined your league in the first place, but that's a whole different post...
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