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  1. Will be batting second moving forward. Let's hope it increases his value.
  2. Andrew Benintendi becomes the 2019 Yelich and slashes a cool .310 100 R / 29 HR / 110 RBI / 26 SB
  3. Tied the ML record for hit batters in an inning. Impressive.
  4. 20/20 last year hitter on a team with great chemistry and injuries who knows!
  5. I'm doing it because it's a standard league. In OPS I'm holding Xander Dee has had minor injuries this year and not stolen much recently YMMV
  6. 3/3 with a HR and 2 doubles lol wtf
  7. I don't want to sound too bench coach-y but what are the thoughts on rostering him in redrafts this year? 12 team? 10 team? 8 team? Blue Jays have to call him up IMO, is it going to be late May, June, July? That's the question
  8. I'm surprised the Rangers aren't up there. They really suck
  9. And organizations wonder why they're terrible- i will always love the small market excuse but Cinci doesn't deserve a team with the product they put on the field.
  10. i'm liking the upside here of a .290 20 HR type
  11. I spoke to soon, he's now been removed lol
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