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  1. Any info on Sixto? I spent some fairly good draft capital and now I don't know what to do with him. We don't have a NA spot. So do I drop him? I'm getting anxious and it's only first week.
  2. can't believe the padres offered that crazy money knowing about his shoulder issues. I won't deny his talent. But 14 years knowing he has a bum shoulder? Seems like a huge risk. Shoulders take a while to heal and sometimes are never the same. I had Tatis as a keeper in the 15th so value wasn't an issue, but dam i'm disappointed.
  3. I'm keeping Tatis in the 15th round, Darvish in the 11th and Snell in the 7th. I am considering trading Snell to not be super heavily invested in the Padres. Have an offer below. I give Snell in the 7th & first pick of round 21. &. I get first pick in round 6 pick and round 13. Implications - I pick 11th. So if this trade completed, i'd get 11th pick round 5, then first and second picks in round 6. Everyone keeps 3, so many guys move up about 20 spots on average due to keepers. So i'd be looking at guys like Olson, Pham, Biggio, Moncada, Rizzo, Paddock, I Anderson, Stanton
  4. C Salvador Perez 1B Freddie Freeman 2B Ozzie Albies 3B Manny Machado SS Trea Turner LF Juan Soto CF Victor Robles RF Dylan Carlson (LF CF RF) PROSPECT UTIL Jose Abreu UTIL Francisco Lindor Gleybar Torres Anthony Rendon Giancarlo Stanton P Luis Severino SP Gerrit Cole SP Chris Paddack SP Sixto Sanchez PROSPECT SP Ian Anderson PROSPECT 1. Bauer 2. Acuna. 3. Castillo 4. Harper 5. Springer 6. Nola
  5. First time playing fantasy basketball and currently in 1st place at 6-0-4. h2h category league, each team gets 1 win, loss, or tie per week. Scoring - FG %, FT%, 3pt%, PTS, REB, AST, ST, BLK, A/T, DD Thoughts on my team? Feel like I have some flaws that could come back to bite me during playoffs. My Team: pg - Sexton, SG- N Powell, G - Z. Lavine, SF- J Hart, PF- J Randle, F- Boucher, C- Vucevic, UTL- Towns bench- C. Anthony, K. Nunn, R. Covington, IR - C. Wood & M. Smart
  6. Greetings. Haven't posted in a while and getting excited about baseball. I get to keep Tatis in the 15th round! Also get to keep keep Darvish in the 11th and Snell in the 7th. I am considering trading Snell. Two options below. Option 1 - I give Snell in the 7th in exchange for a round 5 pick straight up (so then i'd get two picks round 5 and no picks round 7) or Option 2 -I give Snell in the 7th & my round 10 pick in exchange for Devers in the 8th and a round 13 pick (so i'd get a normal pick round 7, Devers round 8, no picks round 10, and two picks round 13.) Do these make
  7. cowboys is a stash. Bengals week 14, Niners week 15, Philly week 16. All teams struggling.
  8. Maybe too late on this. Rivers is safe. But Cam and Tribs could go off. I'd gamble on Cam if you can afford to. Gl
  9. standard, non-ppr. Need a wide receiver to start as my WR2. Trying to claim Pittman off waivers for tomorrow morning & dropping Reagor. So question is, if I get Pittman, do I... a) start Pittman who has been getting targets but from a medicore at best Rivers vs a Texans D w/o Roby this week, b) Crowder with Darnold throwing again but who has faded fast vs Raiders team that hasn't been terrible vs the slot, or c) Watkins who has had 7 targets all 4 games hes played but vs a tougher Broncos passing D ??? My line up currently.. QB- Murray, RB- Henry &
  10. Coming off a win, and looking like a lock for wildcard spot, but have a chance at division if I can beat the current division leader ahead of me this week. What's my team's priority pickup? Kenny G killing me with his injury & Godwin on bye so probably need a WR. But Murray struggling with a shoulder & worried about a backup QB. Could also save my waiver priority to improve and make pickups and waivers clear, but im ahead of all the playoff teams right now at #7. Available on the wire below: ~Ruggs ~Coutee ~G. Davis ~Watkins ~Hilton ~Gallup
  11. Woods (can't sit him despite rough matchup. He just continues to produce even when he gets low targets), Jones (he's all they got these days), Moss (bank on some goaline carries. I don't think fournette gets it done)
  12. Anderson is an upgrade over Kirk, but doesn't seem worth it to me. Not enough upside. Keep your depth imo.
  13. Pick 2 RBS to start this week. Standard scoring, Must win. David Monty - vs a bad green bay run D. But, bears may be in a passing game script as they chase points. Plus, Monty been mediocre at best all season. J Taylor - vs a vulnerable titans run d. Taylor coming off a decent game against green bay, but colts RB & Tylor particular has been a nightmare to predict which one will be best. Duke J- at Detroit on Thanksgiving. Duke is pretty much the main man with DJ out so volume been there but he's been disappointing. Another good matchup up, bad lions run D. Gio
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