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  1. I I say hold him as it seems like he'll pitch this year at some point. Keep in mind that guys aren't moved to the IL until their team actually puts them on there. Once the Astros make the move official, you'll be able to put him on your IL.
  2. Looks like Brooklyn Dodgers aren't taken. I'm at andrewkraus11@yahoo.com
  3. Yes. But we're still early and it typically takes longer to fully recover than it does to die. Out of known active cases, 95 percent are mild or moderate. Still a higher death rate the flu and I'd much rather not get it, but it likely won't be that high when all is said and done.
  4. These are his monthly splits from 2017 April, June, July, and September all saw him OPS at least .950, with June and September above 1.000. May and August were both sub-.750 months, August sub-.700. 2018 actually wasn't as extreme, but ultimately he was otherworldly the first half of the season and through July but went ice cold the month and a half. And then this year he started with three straight sub-.750 months (.557, .725, and .620) and before he went down was working on his second straight 1.000 month. As for wanting less streaky players, I do get that streak
  5. H2H or Roto? He's quite possibly the streakiest player I've ever seen, or at least the streakiest good player. The guy either looks like a top five player or barely top 300 player, no in between. I'd probably draft him where he goes in ROTO and stay far away in H2H.
  6. That part was admittedly hyperbolic. My point was just that many baseball fans had given up on JRam due to five months of awful play. All I'm really saying is that you can't really blame people for thinking he was a bust back in June. I really don't see how that's controversial at all.
  7. Yes Mr. Pedantic, I'm sure some believed in him. But you'd agree the vast majority thought he was done, right? Again, any take trashing him from back in June is only bad in hindsight. I don't really think we can blame anyone for quitting on him back in June, he turned it around but at the time was looking like possibly the biggest bust in fantasy history.
  8. June's not a third of the season, it's half a season. Besides that, he was awful, and I mean awful from August 2018 through June 2019. Obviously he wasn't getting dropped because he was a first round pick, my point was that for what amounted to pretty close to a full season he performed like a bottom tier player. Again, I'm glad he turned it around. He is a great player, but he's also quite possibly the streakiest player in the league.
  9. I mean, that is only a bad take in hindsight. I'm glad to see he's turned it around, but at the time he looked like straight s---. Like, guys have been DFAed for that kind of performance bad. Sure, maybe the emojis in the original comment were a bit over the top, but if you point to a person who believed in J-Ram at the end of June I can point to a liar.
  10. Sometimes it takes a while for a guy to fully come back after long injury absence. Yea, he's healthy enough to play in games but we've seen many players take a while to return to full strength. Sometimes it never happens, but unless you think everything pre TJS was a fluke, he'll be worth a gamble next season, assuming a discounted price. After all, he has shown a few flashes this year, and I find it hard to believe a 20 something year old athlete won't eventually get back to the level he was once at. Would be different if he were a decade older.
  11. I probably wouldn't draft him real early next season but remember he missed most of last season to TJS and it can take a bit of time to get going again, even after you come back. He still has the talent to be one of the top shortstops, but there are extenuating circumstances in his case. There's a solid chance he can get back to 2016 to 17 Seager with a full season and more time to really recover over the off season. Assuming this season puts him in the twelfth round range, I'd be willing to reach a round or three.
  12. You think he would still go in the first round? Maybe roto where streakiness doesn't matter as much, but h2h I wouldn't touch him first few rounds. In a sport where streaks are the default JRam is possibly the streakiest of all. And his streaks, both the good and bad, are long and extreme.
  13. Was cold for a little bit there but looks like he's gotten back on track the past week and change.
  14. Yea that, um, wasn't good. Pitching has been weak in general this year, but that was just something else.
  15. Just want to add I do believe that you don't have a vendetta. I, and others it seems, just think you were a bit quick with the bust label, calling him one after three starts.
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