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  1. he came in, got the final out, up 3... what am I missing?
  2. does this make Thames an everyday player?
  3. maybe its not so odd considering it's Utley.. and it's Philly
  4. hyphens? haha.. i thought you caught where it said "the rays are casting a wide net" ... the wrong team.. it's the Brewers.
  5. i have yet to see this guy pitch on tv or any highlights.. what's his stuff like? anyone to compare him to?
  6. I have to play him.. Maybe 35 yards rushing, 55 yards receiving and a TD and I'd be thrilled.
  7. but Kamara has 2 proven backs ahead of him, in a pass heavy offense. McCaffrey is currently splitting already, in a run first offense, and splitting with an older RB who has a history of breaking down. Would be a very similar situation for Kamara if it was just AP.. but it's AP "AND" Ingram
  8. it very well might be insane and i've been wrong before! but after the top 5 RBs.. you're really kinda guessing from there on out. and he's definitely going to be on the field, both when they are ahead and when they are behind. God knows how many RBs are taken out of the game just because of the score, whether they are trying to kill the clock and they have a smaller receiving RB in the game, or they put in the bruiser because they're up 10 with 4 minutes to go. the best attribute when it comes to drafting an RB for fantasy purposes is actually being on the field when the offense has the ball.. and i think CMC can certainly compete with Murray, Ajayi and Howard when it comes to that. I'd take Murray for sure if Henry wasn't there, Howard is just on a sh!tty offense that scares me.. Ajayi could be a monster for sure.. but its not like he has the best history with injuries either or a history in general beyond 1 good year.
  9. gotta be honest.. i'm picking at the 12 (12/13) on Saturday and by then, D.J., Bell, McCoy, Freeman, Gordon will be gone, if not others.. it's crossed my mind taking McCaffrey and a WR. You can find a knock on the other guys you take there: Murray - will he wear down? he has a stud backup he's possibly going to split with Ajayi - same thing about staying healthy and a huge chunk of his production was with just a few games Howard - these defenses are gonna stack the box vs the bears, no matter who's the QB. The QB play is going to be below average and they dont have WR's you have to worry about. I can see a Todd Gurley '16 performance here. Why can't McCaffrey have as many points as these guys? I think he can.. I wouldn't count on the rushing TDs, but he certainly can make up for it with catches and a few receiving TDs.
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